If you're new to felt flower making, then this is a great project for you, blending simple techniques with stunning results. Our Felt Lily of the Valley combines sewing and gluing to achieve the bell-like shape of the flowers, so this a good project for those wanting to practice their stitches with a little less pressure. While a cutting machine can streamline the process, fear not if you prefer the old-fashioned approach – a pair of trusty detail scissors will do just fine.

While we've featured Lily of the Valley on the site before, this is our first foray into the felted variety. We love this flower for its ethereal beauty and sweet fragrance, and it's a favorite among cottage garden enthusiasts. It thrives in shady spaces but adds a romantic touch to bridal bouquets. You may also recognize its scent in several different high-end perfumes. 

Creating our Felt Lily of the Valley is a breeze. Start with our wool blend felt in white, buttercup, and eucalyptus to mimic the flower's natural colors. Then, sew and glue your petals into a delicate bell-like shape. Next, craft your stem and secure it with floral tape. Finally, a quick spritz of Stiffen-Quick fabric stiffening spray will help sculpt and shape your project, ensuring it holds its shape beautifully. 

Once you've crafted your own little cluster of Felt Lily of the Valley, share them with us using #MadeWithLia on Instagram or in our crafters' community. We love seeing all your hard work -- Happy crafting!