These Felt Birthday Crowns are as easy as they are precious, making them an ideal craft for beginners and kiddos. However, if crafting with a younger maker, be careful when using the fusible web to bind your pieces as it requires use of a heat press or hot iron. Once you’re ready to, gather up your tools and materials, then follow the video link.

We’ve chosen a strawberries and cream palette for the crowns pictured here, but that’s the beauty of crafting — the most important choices are in the hands of the creator. So, feel free to use whatever colors crown your little royal the best. For a playful touch, we added a few complimentary felt balls to our crown’s peaks, but those are also optional. Finally, to personalize, just create the letters using HTV and affix to the front of your crown. How cute is that? 

We love that these Felt Birthday Crowns aren’t just a fun craft for you, but also a token of celebration for your little one! So, don’t forget to share your handmade masterpieces with us in our crafters’ community or on Instagram using the hashtag #MadeWithLia. Happy crafting, and cheers to a New Year of celebrations and handmade creations!