Crafted entirely by hand, this adorable Frog Basket boasts a unique design complete with a cute mushroom companion. Some construction knowledge is helpful when putting this guy together, so we consider it an intermediate project. Once you’re ready to start, take a look to the right for our full list of tools and materials.

Though the humble frog may not be Easter’s most popular mascot, they’re still pretty impressive and fit wonderfully into this month’s spring-focused Easter theme. Because of their amphibious life-cycle, they’re seen as symbols of change and renewal throughout many different cultures. Also, with over 6,000 known species worldwide, these little guys come in all shapes and sizes. Though we don’t know the exact species our Frog Basket is based on, we can all agree it’s probably the cutest!

When designing this Frog Basket, it was important that it be sturdy enough to last and strong enough to bear the weight of your sweetest Easter dreams. With that in mind, we used a bit of Heat N Bond Fusible Interfacing on our basket as a finishing touch. So, not only will your basket maintain its shape, it’ll also provide a sturdy foundation for all your Easter goodies.

Once you’re finished, just imagine the delight on your kiddos’ faces as they discover this happy frog perched by their door, brimming with colorful eggs, decadent chocolates, and cuddly chicks. Or, send your Frog Basket along as a trusty friend for this year’s egg hunt. However you use him or gift him, we’d love to see him in action! So be sure to Snap a pic and upload it to our Crafters’ community, or share your creation with the world on Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWithLia.

Stitches used: Blanket, whip, and straight.