Though we consider this a beginner-level craft, we still recommend using a cutting machine for your pieces. However, if you'd prefer to use your detail knife, that works too! Once you're ready to start, download our SVG file or PDF template. If you're looking for a little extra guidance, we've got you covered. Just tune in to our video workshop!

The quaint cottage-inspired scene we've designed for this Goose Layered Paper Framed Art features two different options: a goose wearing a dainty bonnet against a background of soft pink or a handsome gander in a jaunty scarf against a Madras Blue background. Craft whichever fowl friend speaks to you, or if you're feeling especially motivated – whip up a whole gaggle to decorate your home this Spring!

We've chosen a traditional Spring palette of soft pastels for our project, but remember, it's just a suggestion. You could opt for vibrant primary colors to add a playful touch to a playroom or nursery, or perhaps you'd like to incorporate some clouds and grass into your layered masterpiece. With this craft, you have the freedom to dream big and create something truly unique!

Assembling your Goose Layered Paper Framed Art is a breeze, and more importantly, it's a lot of fun. The joy of building the piece, layer by colorful layer, until the final image emerges is truly unbeatable. It's like solving a puzzle but with a much more satisfying outcome!

Once your geese are picture-perfect, find them the perfect nest! Stick them in a 5x7 frame and display them on a shelf, or proudly hang them on your wall. No matter where you put them, these little geese are bound to be the stars of any show. Remember to share your goslings with us! Upload your Goose Layered Paper Framed Art into our crafters' community or on Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWithLia.