These Felt Carnations are beginner-friendly and fairly straightforward — even more so with our step-by-step video tutorial. Because you’ll need so many felt layers to form your carnations, we recommend a cutting machine for a much smoother process. Look to your right for the rest of our tools and materials to get started. 

The birth flowers for January, Carnations, are known for their vibrant colors and intoxicating clove-like scent. Each color carries its own significance; pink carnations, in particular, symbolize heartfelt thanks and maternal love. While we can’t infuse these felt carnations with the scent of cloves, we’ve added our creative touch to bring them to life. Pinking shears give our Felt Carnations a zig-zag edge for their signature ruffled look, and our richly-hued felt gives them that “just picked” look. 

In addition to their long history as symbols of love, Carnations are admired for their endurance and lasting beauty. To ensure your Felt Carnations can lay equal claim, hit them with a bit of stiffening fabric spray to keep them forever fresh. 

Once finished, place your Felt Carnations into a basket for a gorgeous farmhouse look, or incorporate them into a unique Valentine’s Day bouquet. Show that someone special in your life the joy of a handmade gift. Lastly, remember to share your creations with our crafting community or on Instagram using the hashtag #MadeWithLia — we can’t wait to see your beautiful felt flowers in bloom!