While this is indeed a super-simple craft, we still recommend a cutting machine for precision and speed. For those opting for the handmade touch, fear not! Print the PDF version and cut away. Once you’re ready to create your own Layered Paper Garland, make sure you first gather your tools and materials before you start.

Garlands ard part of an ancient celebration tradition, which makes them perfect for the holidays! For our Layered Paper Garland, we wanted to highlight this craft’s simple, handmade look by keeping it as minimalist as possible.We used the smooth backside of our cardstock paper in Snowbound to cut out the five different house designs included in the download file. To accent, we used color 4 of the citrus pack of frosted craft paper to complete the look.

Once your houses are cut out, then grab a thin twine like baker’s twine and let the magic unfold. Attach the houses to the twine with an adhesive dot on the back. Lastly, be sure to attach each house near the top to maintain the perfect balance and avoid any wintry mishaps.

Voila! Your Layered Paper Winter House Garlands are ready for their holiday debut! Hang these charming little houses in your doorways, on the mantle, or let them adorn your Christmas tree for a festive touch. Remember to share your winter wonderland with us using the hashtag #MadeWithLia on Instagram or upload your pics to our crafters’ community.