Another member request! Designed by Meagan, this crepe paper blueberry branch makes such beautiful home decor. Create a single branch to display in a vase, or make multiple branches to use in your crepe paper flower arrangements.

Since there are a lot of pieces to cut out, we recommend using a cutting machine. But you can always cut by hand if you wish!

crepe paper blueberry branch

Craft a berry beautiful branch

We love making our own branch decor and think it’s an essential skill to learn if you love to make crepe paper flowers and greenery. One thing we always strive for is to make our branches look as realistic as possible — almost as if they are growing real fruit or blossoms. This is why Meagan chose to vary the color of her blueberries. Of course you can always choose to make yours all one color and it will still look stunning!

Due to the small pieces and intricate gluing involved for this crepe paper blueberry branch, we are calling this an intermediate craft project. Just follow our tutorial below and be sure to reach out if you have any questions.

Skill level: Intermediate

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How to Make a Crepe Paper Blueberry Branch

  1. Gather your craft tools and materials. Then download the pattern below.
  2. Cut crepe paper according to template using scissors or a cutting machine
  3. Color half of the blueberry pieces with the blue marker; color 1/4th with the brick marker and leave 1/4th uncolored.
  4. Glue the circular blueberry piece to the top of the corresponding ball size.

Full tutorial available for members to download below.

crepe paper blueberry branch tutorial by Lia Griffith

DIY crepe paper blueberry branch crepe paper blueberry branch decorcrepe paper blueberry branch

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