Paper Flowers

Crepe Paper Food

 Beginner  60min

VIDEO: Crepe Paper & Honeycomb Paper Mushrooms

 Intermediate  --

Crepe Paper Blueberry Branch

 Advanced  60min +

Crepe Paper Strawberry Plant - Member Make Workshop

 Intermediate  60min +

VIDEO: Crepe Paper Mini Garden Veggies

crepe paper satsuma branch
 Intermediate  60min +

Crepe Paper Satsuma Branch - Member Make Workshop

crepe paper acorns
 Beginner  30min

VIDEO: Crepe Paper Acorns

crepe paper kumquat branches on decorative wooden tray
 Advanced  60min +

Crepe Paper Kumquat Branches

VIDEO: Crepe Paper Pomegranates

Crepe Paper Pears

Double Sided Crepe Paper Artichokes

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Fruit and veggies can make such beautiful home decor. But it's not very affordable to keep buying new food—especially food that you never eat. Our crepe paper fruit and veggies are the perfect solution. Craft it once and enjoy it forever! Below you'll find crepe paper lemons, clementines, and more fruit that you can place in a decorative bowl or basket. Along with our crepe paper fruit crafts, you'll find decorative branch ideas that feature crepe paper oranges and crepe paper kumquats. If you love the idea of making crepe paper fruit, make sure to check out crepe paper flowers and plants! Ready to start crafting with us? Become a member of our crafting community! As a member, we'll show you how to keep saving money with DIY projects and learn lifelong skills you can use in all