Sweet Summer Strawberries

To achieve a realistic-looking plant, much of the technique comes in applying PanPastel to the berries and leaves in shades of red and green. Varying the size, shape, and color of your strawberries will make your plant appear in different stages of bloom, but if you prefer the all red look, that works too! The great thing about paper flowers and plants is that you’re in control of the finished product with no interference from mother nature. 

Cotton Spun Eggs in two different sizes form the realistic 3-D berries for this plant. Our tutorial will show you tips and techniques for making them look ready to pick right off the stem! Due to the more difficult aspects of this project and the materials used, this project is more appropriate for our advanced crafters. However, everyone is welcome to follow along!

Once finished, this crepe paper strawberry plant will look so cute on your kitchen window sill or as the crown jewel of your summer tablescape. No matter how you style it, we’d love to see your finished result. Share a photo of your project with our crafters community or on our Instagram page with the hashtag #MemberMake!

Crafting tips: Use the PanPastel to color the strawberries, and add more green to make some look less ripe. PanPastel color will transfer to your brush while adding Mod Podge, so be sure to clean your paintbrush after adding Mod Podge to each strawberry. Adding a hint of red PanPastel to the leaves will help give them some more dimension, or you could use the green as well. 

Skill level: Advanced

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