crepe and honeycomb paper moths and mushrooms

Moths, mushrooms, and moss, oh my!

I just love how these paper mushrooms look like a piece of art on display. Plus they are very simple to make! Using honeycomb paper for the textured mushroom tops gives them such beautiful detail, and the crepe paper adds a soft, delicate look to the stem. Since I am using heavy crepe paper and simple forms, I do not recommend a cutting machine but instead simply cut the crepe and honeycomb by hand.

Once you’ve crafted your paper mushrooms, you can adhere them to the base of a glass dome and toss in some dried moss to give it a more realistic touch. You can also glue a paper moth somewhere inside and outside the dome.

To get started, check out our supplies list and cut the pieces according to the template. This is a hand-cut project, so no cutting machine is needed!

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