double sided crepe paper artichokesAn Arti-Charming Project

As seen on our 2017 Christmas concept tree, these crepe paper artichokes exude such fine artistry. Create some for the holiday season and keep them for tabletop decor for the seasons to come! Featuring our gorgeous double sided crepe paper in Ferns + Moss, which can be found for purchase in our online shop! Gather your supplies and craft along with our photo tutorial to bring this arti-charming project to life today.




  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above.
  2. Cut the crepe paper according to pattern notes using scissors or the Cricut Maker.
  3. Using a paint brush, color the base of the artichoke leaves with the magenta PanPastel.
  4. Stretch the artichoke leaves from the center.
  5. Roll the 8″ strip of crepe paper to make the stem and glue the end into place.
  6. Use the end of the paint brush to make a hole in the larger end of the foam egg.
  7. Cover the egg with the square cut of crepe paper. Stretch it to fit and glue it into place.
  8. Glue the stem into the hole you made in step six.
  9. Starting at the end opposite the stem, glue two layers of the smallest leaves (about twelve leaves) evenly around the egg.
  10. Glue two layers of the medium-sized leaves around the egg using about twelve leaves.
  11. Glue one layer of about six of the largest leaves around the stem.
  12. To finish, glue one or two of the smallest leaves to the stem.

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