Hello, Hellebores!

Say hello to these stunning and simple-to-craft crepe paper hellebores! As part of the ranunculaceae family, late-winter blooming hellebores flowers are a uniquely pretty spectacle. We were thrilled to have an opportunity to render them in a crepe paper form. Featuring crepe from our online shop in Chiffon, Sangria, Aubergine, Green Tea and Cypress, we had so much fun designing this colorful palette. Simply gather the tools and materials below, and craft along with our detailed instructions to bring a few of these beautiful blossoms to life. We’ve even added our helpful “how to use floral tape” video tutorial to make your crafting experience even easier!

Tools & Materials


  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above.
  2. Cut out the pattern according to template.
  3. Use tacky glue to attach small crepe strips to both sides of the fringe piece tops. The let dry.
  4. Snip a bit off the top of each fringe, then cut vertical slits.
  5. Hot glue the small fringe around the end of 18-gauge floral wire, then attach the larger fringe.
  6. Next use hot glue to attach the two sides of petals together.
  7. Then use a marker to add dots to the base of each petal.
  8. Stagger and glue five petals around your flower base.
  9. Brush on green pan pastels to the center of the flower. Add a bit of pink to the base of the petals.
  10. Using hot glue, attach the two sides of the leaves together with 26-gauge wire between.
  11. Bring three leaves together, attach with floral tape, then cover your floral wire. Use floral tape to cover the flower stem.

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