If you have not participated in one of our live workshops before, they are something we came up with as a special perk for members. We always have so much fun with these monthly crafting challenges. Plus they’re a great way to connect with crafters from all over the world. Even if you only pop in for a few minutes to say hi, we’d love to see you there!

This month, we wanted to challenge you with something a little different, which is why we’re crafting a crepe paper satsuma branch. Oranges are also in season right now and we love to come up with colorful citrus crafts during the colder months.

The details you need to join our Member Make challenge are listed below. If you’re familiar with how Member Make works, then just scroll down to download our satsuma orange pattern and start crafting!

How to Join Our Member Make Challenge

  1. Become a member. Once you’re a member, make sure to join our exclusive Facebook page for members!
  2. Gather the craft tools and materials you need for this crepe paper satsuma branch — listed below. Then download the printable template or SVG file at the end of this post.
  3. Tune in today at 11:00 a.m. PST to craft this project with us! You can find the link to the YouTube Live tutorial on the Facebook page for members and in your inbox. It will also be available for playback here once the live workshop is over.
  4. Watch our video tutorial to craft along with us and create your own version of this crepe paper satsuma branch. You can use different colors of paper, materials, or techniques; change up the sizing and placement of your oranges; or get creative with how you style your new branch decor.
  5. If you need some guidance, reach out to us and others in our crafting community. You can also post progress pictures or ask questions on our Facebook page for members. Make sure to use the hashtag #MemberMake on Instagram and Facebook so your project is easy to find.
  6. Lastly, share your crepe paper satsuma branch with us! You can post your pictures on our Facebook page for members or on your Instagram page with the hashtag #MemberMake.

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DIY crepe paper satsuma branch


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