St. Patrick's Day Crafts

 Kids  Quick

St Patrick's Day Crafts - Leprechaun Candy Hugger

 Beginner  30min

Crepe Shamrock Head Wreath

 Beginner  Quick

St. Patrick's Day Irish Shirts

 Beginner  Quick

Lucky Charm Iron-On

 Intermediate  60min +

Cardstock Wood Sorrel

 Beginner  Quick

Clover Placemats

 Beginner  Quick

Lucky Paper Clover

 Beginner  Quick

Vellum Paper Clover Lanterns

paper lucky clover plants
 Beginner  60min

Potted Paper Clover Plants

paper shamrock and dogwood wreath with purple ribbon
 Intermediate  60min +

Paper Shamrock and Dogwood Wreath

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