Irish ShirtsAll you will need for this project is a blank shirt and some glittery green (or solid green if you prefer!) iron-on.  We carry solid iron-on in our shop here, if you prefer glitter you can find that at your local craft store.  You can cut the entire design on green iron-on, or you can add a pop of glittery gold! If you are adding this gold accent, you will need to first transfer the green, and then the gold. It may add an extra step to the process, but the result is worth it! Just be sure not to melt the green iron-on that you have already applied when you iron on the gold 😉  

Find the SVG file below if you have a cutting machine. Download and save the design and you can upload it right to your machine! If you do not have a cutting machine, use the PDF file to cut by hand. Don’t worry when you see the file- the design is reversed in the PDF so that it will print correctly for your iron-on. Follow the instructions on the packaging of your specific iron-on material to make this shirt. Because you are making these Irish shirts yourself, you have complete control over how you want to use the design! We put the design on a regular scoop neck t-shirt that we picked up at Target, but I think it would look adorable on a V-neck! You can iron the design onto the front or back of the shirt. Do you prefer to wear black? The gold would look amazing on a dark background! You could even attach this iron-on to a canvas tote to carry the luck of the Irish with you all year round.

If you are looking for other ways to incorporate green into your St. Patrick’s Day outfit, stay tuned for our shamrock headband and hairclip! We will also be posting a DIY green top hat that would look great with your DIY Irish shirts. To see all of our party decor crafts and printables, browse the section for the occasion. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ~ Lia

Irish Shirts