Four-leaf clovers are thought of as good-luck charms but can be difficult to find in nature. So we say why not take things into your own hands and make your own luck? Our template for our paper lucky clover includes two sizes of clover leaves so you can make a large or small good luck plant.

One of the features that makes this plant stand out as unique is the tinge of purple in the center. To recreate this, Meagan shaded the paper leaves with a magenta marker. Use our photo tutorial as a guide for coloring your leaves — or play around with it and see what you come up with! You can always use pictures of a real lucky clover plant to guide you as well.

As you follow along with our photo tutorial, you will see that we used Aleene’s tacky glue to assemble our paper lucky clover. We have used a variety of Aleene’s glues for our DIY projects, and it is one of our favorite go-to brands for making paper flowers and felt crafts.

If you have any questions while crafting your paper lucky clover, just comment below! And don’t forget to share your versions of this plant with us by tagging #MadeWithLia. Enjoy! ~ Lia and team

How to Make a Paper Lucky Clover

  1. Gather your craft tools and materials. Then download the template above. Note: There are two sizes of clover leaves so you can craft a large or small lucky clover plant.
  2. Cut paper according to the template using scissors or a cutting machine.
  3. Shade one side of clover leaves at base of leaf with a magenta marker.
  4. Apply Aleene’s tacky glue to uncolored side of leaf; then lay wire in glue.
  5. Lay a second leaf on top of glue and wire; press leaves together and allow glue to dry.
  6. Gather four wired leaves together. Wrap floral tape around gathered wires to hold leaves together.
  7. Arrange leaves into clover and bend wires out; then use a curling tool to gently curl each leaf down.
  8. Use Aleene’s tacky glue to glue stamen around the tip of a wire.
  9. Apply Aleene’s tacky glue to tab on flower petals. Glue flower petals around wired stamen.
  10. Use a curling tool to gently curl flower petals down.
  11. Place floral foam into a small pot. Add moss into pot to cover the floral foam.
  12. Push clover and flowers into floral foam and arrange plant for displaying.

Photo tutorial for paper lucky clover plant by Lia Griffith

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