Here at Lia Griffith, we know the hustle and bustle of the holidays can make for an extremely busy season. This is why we love offering you free and easy DIY you don’t have to think about. We’re so thrilled to share our latest collaboration with the fantastic folks over at Online Labels. This month, we’re bringing you a project that’s not just easy-peasy but adds a touch of timeless charm to your holiday gifting. Drumroll, please – presenting our Free Printable Retro Gift Labels!

Labels are truly the unsung heroes of holiday gift-giving. They not only make sure Santa’s list stays nice and orderly but also bring a dash of style to the mix. And when you add a retro twist to it, well, that’s a game-changer! Thanks to our friends at Online Labels, this project is as easy as downloading, customizing, and hitting that print button. Voila! Your gifts are now ready to go!

And, why retro, you ask? It’s a style that never goes out of fashion, and these labels prove just that. Think bold colors, playful prints, and a touch of vintage flair. They’re not just labels; they’re a fun trip down memory lane. The end result is a masterpiece that will leave your gift recipients in awe. Picture this: a stack of beautifully wrapped presents adorned with these labels, sitting pretty under the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree. Pure magic, isn’t it?

I’m also particularly excited about the endless possibilities these labels bring. Jazz up your holiday presents, gift bags, and Secret Santa exchanges with a cute little retro vibe. Snag your Free Printable Retro Gift Labels with a simple click below. As always, Share your photos on our crafters’ community or tag us on Instagram with #MadeWithLia. Happy Holiday Crafting!