This project is perfect for beginners and kiddos, making it an ideal activity for the upcoming holiday season. Our video tutorial will walk you through each fold and crease step-by-step. And best of all, It’s free! You’ll notice the list of tools and materials is quite small for this project. It’s designed to be a fun, quick, and easy project for every skill-level to enjoy. 

Our subject, the mighty elk, are such fascinating creatures. We have them here in Oregon, and it’s always fun to spot them out in the wild. Elk, with their majestic antlers, symbolize strength and family bonds. Of course, winter is all about creating warm memories, and what better way than crafting these super cute origami elks with your friends and loved ones? The magic of this project lies not only in the folds, but in the joy of crafting together.

Origami, the ancient art of paper folding, has a rich history that spans centuries. Traditionally associated with Japanese culture, it’s a craft that embodies simplicity and beauty. The stark silhouette of this little elk family is the perfect subject for such a delicate art. This project perfectly captures the essence of winter wildlife, making it a unique addition to your seasonal decor.

Once complete, we’d love to see your  Cardstock Origami Elk Family come to life! We think these would look so cute perched on your mantle side table. However you choose to display them, don’t forget to share with is in our crafters’ community or on Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWithLia.