Before you begin crafting your crepe and frosted paper hellebore flowers, look to the right for our list of tools and materials. While a cutting machine is recommended for detailed precision — fear not! With a little patience, these beginner-friendly beauties can be cut by hand. 

We love crafting different variations of this gorgeous winter flower. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they have such a fascinating history! In medieval times, hellebore were believed to protect homes from evil spirits due to their magical properties. These hardy but still delicate flowers often appear in gardens throughout the cold winter, even when surrounded by snow. They’re seen as a symbol of hope and renewal every holiday season.

Our free video tutorial will show you all the tips and tricks to achieve an astonishingly realistic paper hellebore. Once complete, these flowers would look gorgeous as individual stems or incorporated into a larger arrangement. For a bit of a wow factor, we love them displayed as a potted piece, as shown in our photos. Arrange them in a small container with soft floral foam and chartreuse reindeer moss for that rustic winter feel. Remember — these hellebore are more than just decorations; they’re a piece of winter’s beauty brought indoors. 

We’d love to see how you’ve decorated your space with these beautiful crepe and frosted paper hellebore flowers this season. Remember to share your photos with us in our crafters’ community or on Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWithLia.