This beginner-friendly project requires minimal tools and materials, making it a breeze to complete with your little ones. While scissors suffice, a cutting machine streamlines the process for even faster crafting fun. Once you’re ready to begin, gather up the rest of your supplies and meet us in the tutorial!

We wanted our Articulated Frogs to be as charming as possible, so we put him together with a palette of classic spring hues. Think sunny yellows, grassy greens, and soft muslin. Simple tools like pens and paint allow you to personalize their smiles, adding a mischievous glint or a friendly grin. Lastly, finish the look with a stylish straw hat, and this whimsical Easter companion easily outshines any bunny. 

These little guys aren’t just adorable; they’re interactive, too! With mini brads and some clever assembly, your Articulated Frog can hop, sit, and even strike a pose or two. If you’d rather put them to work in the garden, no problem! Their watering can and tiny tools are sure to be a big help.

Once your Articulated Frogs are complete, arrange them around your plates or tuck them into napkin rings for a charming surprise. Remember, sharing is caring, so don’t forget to snap a picture of your froggy friends and share it with our crafting community or on Instagram using the hashtag #MadeWithLia.