Our Felt Play Garden Sunflower features intricate detailing in the center and an array of mustard-yellow petals around the outer edge. Because of the number of felt pieces needed for this project, we highly recommend a cutting machine. To stay organized,  download our template and gather all your tools and materials before starting. Tip is to take your time, since sewing on a curve for the plant pot and soil can be tricky!

Stitches used: blanket and whip stitch

We love sunflowers! They always appear so happy and brighten up every space they’re in. Though they’ve been cultivated for thousands of years, sunflowers are native to North America. Because of their bright yellow petals and sturdy, towering stems, sunflowers are often seen as symbols of adoration and loyalty. Due to a phenomenon called heliotropism, young sunflowers track the sun’s movement across the sky throughout the day. While your felt sunflower may not turn its face to the sun, it’s still sure to perk you up.  

We designed our Felt Play Garden Sunflower to feature all the characteristics that make these flowers so well-loved. This sunny beauty has a bright yellow crown and a detailed brown center. And, with the help of a wooden dowel — our design even features the strong, tough stem for which sunflowers are known. Lastly, we designed it all to fit in a cute little terracotta pot, so you can set your sunflower anywhere in need of some cheer!

We love seeing how you all craft joy and sunshine into your everyday lives, so please share your Felt Play Garden Sunflowers with us. You can upload them into our crafters’ community or share them on Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWithLia.