So, are you ready to make this Felt Applique Holiday Tree Pillow for yourself? First, download our pattern below, and then follow our step-by-step instructions to get started. While we do consider this a beginner to intermediate craft, it does require a bit of embroidery to complete. However, if you’re new to this skill or simply need a refresher, remember to explore our Embroidery 101 course.

Stitches used: whip, back, straight, detached chain stitch, and French knots.

Tip: as a finishing touch, you can use iron on interfacing on the inside to protect the threads of your project.

First, our design starts with a vinyl Christmas tree silhouette flanked by falling snowflakes. Next, for our vintage ornament appliques, we chose earthy blues, greens, and grays to add a sophisticated pop of color for a festive but natural look. Lastly, we put our pretty tree in a corresponding felt pot to make it extra cute. The result? A stunning winter wonderland ready to grace any easy chair.

Ultimately, this Felt Applique Holiday Tree Pillow is the perfect accent piece for your holiday decor. However, you may consider the joy of gifting it to a loved one, thus turning a simple decor piece into cherished memory. Without a doubt, the fun of holiday DIY isn’t just in the finished product but in the love and effort you put into every stitch.

Once you’re all finished, remember to share your Felt Applique Holiday Tree Pillow on our crafters’ community page and show off that adorable accent pillow! And, of course, share on Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWithLia – because your hard work deserves to be celebrated.