There are so many easy ways to decorate your home for the holidays, and making this papercut floral snowflake luminary is one of my favorites. I like to wrap these papercut pieces around wax candles and glass cylinders. I also simply have them stand-alone with a battery tea light inside. Another fun option is to coordinate them with our floral snowflake pillow for a home sprinkled with winter delight.

Everything we used is linked below, and be sure to read our crafting tip if you want to use this pretty pattern for a larger vase.

vellum paper floral snowflake luminary

Snow easy to make

We used thicker vellum for our floral snowflake luminary . But you can use any thinner paper, colored paper, or simple white copy paper instead. Though you can cut the pattern by hand with a craft knife, we do recommend using a cutting machine for all of the detailed cuts.

For decoration ideas, you can place a cluster of these luminaries on your mantel or tabletop. Then weave in a few conifer branches and pinecones. You can use fresh branches or make a beautiful set of these crepe paper long pine branches with their fluffy crepe cones. If you do make the paper version, it can be used year after year!

Skill level: Beginner

Crafting tip: The templates include two sizes of wraps, and you can add an extension to the back of the wrap for your larger candles and cylinders.

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Download and cut out our pattern below, using either a cutting machine or a detail knife. Then simply wrap the pattern around your preferred vessel and glue the ends to secure an even fit. 

papercut floral snowflake luminaries
paper floral snowflake luminary
floral snowflake luminaries and crepe paper pine cone branches
DIY paper flower snowflake luminaries