There’s nothing quite like a fancy picnic on a warm summer day. A basket filled with sweet and savory treats is always a good call—even if the feast is imaginary! These beautiful Felt French Macarons are such a fun way for your little pastry chef to add a bit of luxury to their al fresco playdate. 

This craft is super beginner friendly and would be great for those wanting to practice a basic stitch before moving on to a more challenging project. Check out our list of tools and materials below to get started.

Let’s get it macarON!

French macarons are among some of the more difficult pastries to perfect. Made from whipped egg whites and almond flour, they require careful timing and a skilled hand. Luckily, neither is required for ours! These felt French macarons are simple but stunning. We’ve remembered every last detail—right down to the macaron’s classic foot. We chose our wool blend felt in a variety of colors to craft an assortment of macaron flavors but feel free to whip up whatever tickles your fancy. 

To make this project extra special, we’ve also included files to craft up a classic cardstock macaron box that slides open, making it a fine addition to your kiddo’s make-believe French boulangerie. We’d love to see your cute and colorful collection of macarons, so please remember to share your photos with us in our crafters community or by posting on Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWithLia. 

Stitches Used: running