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A Crafter’s Guide to the Cricut Maker

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There are two skill courses, each one covering the two most popular cutting machines.  (Click here for the Silhouette course). Both courses are broken down into three parts:

Part 1. Working with the Cricut or Silhouette machine software
Part 2. Cutting the materials with a rotary and fine-point blade
Part 3. Assembling the six projects


We love to make learning new skills fun, so crafting beautiful projects was a must for this course.

For our launch party finale, we will do a live drawing to give away ten prizes for crafters who finish all six projects and post them in a photo on our Crafters platform by March 31st at 11:00am PST. 

We will be cutting the materials and assembling these Farmer’s Market themed projects:

  1. Monogrammed tumblers with decal vinyl
  2. “Farm to Table” HTV design for denim tote bag
  3. Cardstock treat box with print then cut labels
  4. Felt sunglasses case with an HTV monogram
  5. Frosted paper Lewisia flowers
  6. Crepe paper bomb peony

You can use the supplies you have on hand for each project. Or you can use the list below for the exact materials and tools used in the videos. You can also download a printable checklist below.




If you have any questions about the Crafter’s Guide to Cutting Machines skill courses launching on March 20th, just comment below!