Though these stunning Felt Pink Daffodils my look challenging, they’re perfect for our crafting beginners. We recommend using a cutting machine for these Felt Pink Daffodils, but don’t worry; your trusty detail scissors will work just fine. When you’re ready to begin, gather the rest of your tools and materials and get ready to create a little Easter whimsy.

Daffodils are such a classic spring flower. Their delicate yellow leaves are always a welcome sight come springtime, but you’ve likely never seen them quite like this. While they may not be as common as their yellow counterparts, pink daffodils do exist! These rosy hued blooms add a touch of romance to traditional spring displays, creating a vintage and oh-so-cottage-core look — perfectly in tune with our March theme.

The thing that sets our Felt Pink Daffodils apart is the subtle gradient at the center, achieved with a touch of PanPastel. This project is all about capturing the nuances of nature with just a few key techniques. Pro tip: after assembling your flowers, give them a quick spritz with Stiffen-Quick Spray. This will allow you to sculpt and shape the felt petals to perfection, giving them that signature ruffled look. 

Remember, crafting is all about joy and creativity. So, don’t be afraid to experiment; add your own personal touch, and let your inner flower child bloom! Once you’re all finished, share your Felt Pink Daffodils with us using #MadeWithLia on Instagram or in our crafters’ community.