Lovely Leucadendron

Due to their fiery shades of pink, red, and orange, the leucadendron is also known as the “safari sunset.” Native to South Africa, this flower is famously low-maintenance and well-known for its bright colors. They’re a tough, drought-resistant shrub that grows straight up toward the sky. Because of their gorgeous coloring and uncomplicated blossoms, leucadendrons have come to symbolize simple beauty. 

In designing our frosted paper leucadendron, we’ve stayed true to their signature color and chose our Melon Pack frosted craft paper for those soft coral hues. We added red PanPastel to the petals and leaves to give them some depth, but orange would also be a fun choice, given the flower’s vivid color. In honor of their simplicity, I think these flowers would work beautifully in a vase and placed on a window sill or side table. 

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