Christmas Yarn Art

A Stitch in Time

Our Christmas yarn art set includes six winter designs with gloves, hats, and stockings. This project is fun to craft with the kids or a great way to occupy them while you are doing your holiday decorating and cooking. There are PDF versions if you are cutting by hand or SVG files if you have a cutting machine.

Start by gathering your Christmas yarn art materials. You can use any yarn, but be sure that it is not too thick so it will slide through the holes of the forms easily.

Download the files below and print or cut onto 8.5 x 11 white cardstock. The SVG file will allow you to pre-cut the holes with your cutting machine. If you are cutting by hand, you can use a small hole punch or craft knife to cut the marked holes.

Use a large embroidery needle (these will have larger eyes for the yarn) to start threading your yarn through the holes. Another option if you do not want to use s needle is to wrap clear tape around the end of the thread and trim to a point to create a faux needle.

For your initial stitch, stick your needle through the cardstock from the back so that you can eventually tie the yarn off when you finish. 

There is no real technique for our Christmas yarn art. As long as you continue threading the yarn through the dots, it will turn out just as intended! Tie single knots to the back of the card to change colors, and feel free to use as many colors as you’d like. In our PDF download, Krista included examples of how she created her Christmas yarn art for a bit of inspiration. This project is an easy way to practice introductory embroidery; after you’re done, you can string it into a nice holiday garland!