These Felt Ball Bumble Bees are super cute and super beginner-friendly, making them perfect for crafters of all skill levels. Also, they’re a fantastic project for introducing little ones to the joys of DIY. We love working with these felt balls for projects like this because they’re so versatile. We’ve turned them into flowers, hedgehogs, and a garland. Now, with just a few more tools and materials, we will transform them into some very buzz-worthy spring decor.

Bees are such fascinating creatures. These little pollinators are essential for our ecosystem, flitting from flower to flower, spreading life and sweetness wherever they go. So, as you craft your felt ball bumblebees, you’re not just making cute decorations but also celebrating the vital role bees play in our environment. Also, they’re just plain cute!

To keep things nice and simple, we chose saffron for our Felt Ball Bumble Bees. Next, we attached black embroidery floss to give them that signature bumble bee look. Secondly, we created our bee wings using two layers of medium-weight fusible interfacing for a slightly sheer look. However, feel free to get creative with your wing materials – the sky’s the limit!

But why stop at just one bee? Whip up a swarm of these adorable critters and scatter them around your home for a playful spring look. You can even get the kids involved and host a crafting party to make a bee-themed Easter garland or centerpiece! But whatever you decide, remember to share your Felt Ball Bumble Bees on Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWithLia or in our crafters’ community.