Whether your crew is seasoned crafters or just dipping their toes into the creative world, this Felt Hedgehog is perfect for all ages. And for little hands still mastering scissors and needles (safety first!), a bit of adult guidance can transform this project into a delightful bonding experience. So, gather your junior partners-in-craft, then gets your tools and materials together, and let’s bring this charming critter to life!

Before we get crafting, let’s take a moment to appreciate the hedgehog’s fascinating history. These spiky little creatures have been around for millions of years, with ancestors that roamed alongside dinosaurs! In many cultures, hedgehogs are symbols of good luck and protection against evil spirits. So, as you create your felt ball hedgehog, you’re not just making a cute decoration; you’re also inviting a bit of good fortune into your space!

While yes — these are so adorable — we also really just love how easily these Felt Ball Hedgehogs come together. The base of your hedgehog is formed by four 4cm felt balls. From there, you can add charming details using felt and needle-felting techniques. Craft eyes add personality, and for a touch of whimsy, you can even give your hedgehog a stylish mohawk using roving wool!

So, whether you’re crafting with your kiddos or savoring some quiet crafting moments, embrace the joy and creativity that this Handmade Felt Ball Hedgehog brings. And don’t forget to share your adorable hedgehog creations with us in our community or on Instagram using the hashtag #MadeWithLia.