Felt & Fiber

All Felt Crafts

 Intermediate  60min

Felt Lily of the Valley

 Intermediate  60min +

Felt Cottage Purse

 Intermediate  60min +

Felt Afternoon Tea Set

 Intermediate  60min +

Felt Mama Goose

 Beginner  60min

Mini Felt Easter Bunny

 Intermediate  60min +

Felt Frog Basket

 Kids  30min

Felt Ball Bumble Bees

 Intermediate  60min

Pink Felt Daffodil

 Beginner  60min +

Frog Pocket Pals

Felt Ball Hedgehogs

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Felt is our favorite cozy crafting material. And here you will find hundreds of DIY felt crafts to help you tap into your creative side. Browse our felt projects below for easy-to-follow felt flower templates, fashionable felt jewelry, cute felt and fabric toys for kids, and simple needle-felting projects.
As you scroll down, you'll see that there's so much you can make out of felt! Whether you want to craft home decor, a handmade gift, or holiday decorations, we have tons of templates and tutorials that will make it easy for you to craft what you love.
Our list of felt crafts is never-ending. Every week we design a new felt project and show you how to make it step by step. Want to start crafting with us? Join our crafting community!