Felt & Fiber

Felt Accessories

 Beginner  60min +

Felt Lion & Giraffe Wall Art

 Intermediate  --

Felt Cat & Dog Pencil Cases

 Kids  30min

Layered Felt Goldfish

 Beginner  30min

Embroidered Felt Sun Mandala

 Intermediate  60min +

Felt Cottage Purse

 Intermediate  60min +

Felt Frog Basket

 Kids  30min

Felt Scraps Garland

 Intermediate  60min

Felt Flower Banner

 Kids  60min

Felt Heart Pouch

 Kids  30min

Felt Birthday Crown

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Make your own jewelry using one of our favorite materials and a little bit of creativity! Below you will DIY patterns and tutorials to help you create beautiful felt jewelry, including handmade earrings and necklaces. We also have cute headbands and hair clips!
Along with our felt jewelry, you'll find some other fun felt accessories—like our felt tablet cover and glasses case. We design a new felt craft every week, so if there's an accessory you want to learn how to make, just let us know. They're easy to make and will save you from splurging!
For more cute ideas, check out our entire selection of DIY jewelry and accessories. That's where you'll find our popular pom-pom earrings, jewelry holders, and more. The next step is to join our crafting community to download our designs and make your favorite projects. We can't wait to see what you create!