This Macrame Wreath with Wood Beads is a great example of the stunning pieces you can achieve with only a few simple tools and materials. We’ll use just a few beginner-friendly knots to connect two hoops, weave in some stunning wooden beads, and create a one-of-a-kind wreath that’s sure to impress. For more instruction on how to tie these knots check out our Mini Course: 15 Macramé Knots for Beginners

While wreaths symbolize our connection to nature and the changing season today, they’ve been a popular decorative feature for centuries. The Ancient Greeks used them in athletic competitions, while the Romans largely associated them with victory and good fortune. As for materials, the ancients stuck with natural elements such as laurel or olive branches for a bold look.

For our Macrame Wreath with Wood Beads, we’ve chosen a cool gray-blue macrame cord to complement the natural tones of the beads, but feel free to get creative! Play around with different colors, or add a splash of spring with a bright green or sunshine yellow cord. You can even incorporate other springtime elements like paper flowers or colorful ribbons to further personalize your wreath.

We can’t wait to see your springtime masterpiece once you’ve finished your Macrame Wreath with Wood Beads! Display it proudly on your front door to welcome guests and passersby into the warm embrace of spring. Also, remember to share it with us in our crafters’ community or on Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWithLia.

Knots Used: Square Knot, Lark’s Head Knot, and the Half-Hitch Knot.