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I love to craft projects that mix natural wood with natural fiber paper. The ginkgo is one of my favorites, and I have thought it might be time to create a statement piece featuring this distinct leaf. On our site, you can find a ginkgo branch made from cardstock paper and a framed 3D art piece made from gold frosted paper. But this will be our first crepe paper ginkgo branch.

To display these spring branches, I made a modern chandelier using two wood wreath forms and tiny string lights. Just check out our instructions below to learn how you can make this beautiful piece of home decor.

crepe ginkgo + wood spring chandelier video tutorial

You Light Up My Life

Thank you to our friends at WoodpeckersCrafts, who inspired this project. With these natural wreath forms, you can create something unique to display at a party for an eye-catching centerpiece. Or hang it in the corner of your room to bring nature indoors.

The combination of the overlapped wreaths and the bead details makes this chandelier a sleek, modern display for any paper flower or leaf arrangement. We’d love to see your version of this DIY project, so be sure to share photos in our crafters community or on Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWithLia.

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Join me here on February 10th at 11am PST for a live workshop where I will demonstrate how to assemble these crepe paper ginkgo leaf branches and attach them to the chandelier. You can also watch the replay after the live workshop is over.

To assemble the chandelier:

  1. Start with a 13″ wooden wreath form and a 10 1/2″ wooden wreath form that fit nicely inside each other.
  2. Using the natural binding wire, string the two wreaths together at the top hole of each form, then use the excess wire to create a hanging loop for the finished chandelier.
  3. Place both light batteries on each side of the inner wreath and wrap them to hold them in place with more binding wire.
  4. Wrap the wired fairy lights around the inner wreath, then the second string around the outer wreath.
  5. Cover the batteries with small clusters of 5 finished crepe paper ginkgo leaves for each side.
  6. With hot glue gun, attach a 1/2 inch ball bead over every hole of the wreath, on both sides, and both wreaths.
  7. Hang where you can open the two wreaths to form an X if looking from the top. The binding wire should hold it in place. It is now ready to attach the ginkgo leaves.

Note: For this DIY project, I made four crepe paper ginkgo branches to top my wood chandelier. 

For the templates, scroll to the end of this post, where you can download a free version of the PDF or SVG cut file. The PDF template lists the number of leaves for each branch, which you can cut from the crepe paper.

handmade crepe paper ginkgo

DIY wooden wreath chandelier
crepe paper ginkgo branches and wooden wreaths

wooden wreath forms and crepe paper ginkgo branches
wood wreath chandelier with crepe paper ginkgo leaves

crepe paper ginkgo branches and wood chandelier

crepe paper spring ginkgo branch video tutorial
DIY crepe paper ginkgo chandelier