Printable_Fathers_Day_Book_KidsToday’s project is a super simple printable with just the sweetest sentiment. Designed to complement our earlier DIY Father’s Day projects, this printable book provides an opportunity for the little ones to say a little about their Papa. It has a page for writing About Dad – his favorite color, drink, TV show and more, a space for a hand drawn picture of Dad then an extra cute back page that might just bring a tear to his eye – with statements like “My Dad taught me…..”, “My Dad is best at….” and “My favorite memory with my Dad is…..” this book is going to be one to keep forever. To make this book you will only need a printer, two sheets of card stock and a willing kiddo. We had a couple of the teammates kiddos give these a go and they approached it with such a sense of pride and love – it was a joy to watch. Feel free to pop back to earlier posts to see more in our DIY Father’s Day range from vinyl designs for dish towels and aprons for the BBQ lovers in our life, to a scrumtious gluten free cocktail recipe and a fab Doneness Test poster for making perfectly cooked meats. We have plenty more DIY Father’s Day projects, free printables and inspiration coming later this week so please do pop back again. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Printable_Kids_Fathers_Day_Book Kids_Book_For_Dad_Inside_Pages Kids_Fathers_Day_Book_Printable