Looking for a sweet and simple Mother’s Day gift idea? Our “All About My Mom” book is a great way for kids to show Mom what they love and appreciate about her. Plus it’s easy for little ones to put together! All you have to do is print it out for them and then let them do the rest (though they may need some help with the assembling).

Another fun idea that’s easy to assemble at home is our printable coupon book for Mother’s Day. Both of these gifts will make mom feel special and loved — by her most favorite people in the world!

All About Mom

Our “All About My Mom” book is six pages altogether. Along with a pretty floral cover and polka-dot back, there are three pages for kids to fill out things about their Mom and one page to draw a picture of Mom. For example, kids can fill out what they love most about Mom, their favorite memory with Mom, and what their Mom is the best at.

There’s also a page to fill out some facts about Mom, like what her favorite TV show is, her favorite drink, and what she likes to do for fun. Not only is our “All About My Mom” book a thoughtful gift for Mom, but it’s a fun way to capture the sweet and funny things that kids say. Plus it’s such a lovely keepsake and will be so great to look back at as the years go by.

When you’re ready to craft your “All About My Mom” book, just follow the instructions below. And if you want some more gift ideas for Mom, make sure to browse all our Mother’s Day crafts.

How to Make Your “All About My Mom” Book

Print page 1 single-sided; print pages 2-3 back to back. Fold in half; then insert under the cover. Secure with ribbon or twine, if you’d like.

all about my Mom book with page filled out A whole book all about my momall about my Mom book