Fall is finally upon us, so it feels like a good time for a new lantern design. It’s true, we have lanterns for nearly every reason and every season — but this Cardstock and Vellum Tea Light Lantern is our first ever hexagonal-shaped one! These beautiful cardstock lanterns are just the thing to add a little drama and sophistication to your fall decor. 

This lantern does require a bit of construction savvy, so we think it’s perfect for our intermediate crafters or beginners looking for a bit of a challenge. Once you’ve gathered your materials, get ready to download, cut, print, and assemble!

Light Work

When it comes to constructing your cardstock and vellum tea light lanterns, we’ve designed a couple of different options for you. The top is made separately from the base, so you can choose what works best for you depending on how you’d like to use it. If you’d like to leave the bottom open to set over a tea light, then attach the lid to the closed side of the base. If you’d prefer to hang or carry your lantern, attach the lid to the open end. You can also add some fairy lights to the inside through the small opening at the top. Magical!

For our lanterns, we chose cardstock in Brown Eyes and Copper Shine to bring in the earthy metallics of fall but feel free to embrace the bold reds and golds of the season as well. Once finished, put these beauties up in your windows or string them around your outdoor seating. We’d love to see how you light up your space, so remember to share with us on Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWithLia or in our crafters’ community.