macrame and wool ball baby mobile

Our macrame wool ball mobile features wool balls in two different sizes and three macrame knots. This macrame pattern is a bit more complex than some of our other designs, so we recommend taking our mini course if you’d like tutorials for the macrame knots we used. Otherwise our video tutorial below will walk you through the assembly.

As always, you can customize your macrame wool ball mobile by using different colors or other sizes of wool balls. We went with more of a soft, neutral look for our mobile but you can always make your version more bold or colorful depending on your personal preference!

Skill level: Intermediate 

Knots used: Larks Head Knot, Square Knot, and Half Hitch Knot. Need more guidance? Check out our mini course on macrame knots.

Other DIY crafts shown: Crepe paper English ivy plant, frosted paper flower string light covers, and stuffed teddy bear


macrame and wool ball mobile handmade macrame and wool ball mobile macrame mobile macrame and wool ball mobile

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