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Video: Make a Paper Love Bird

How to Make Paper Love Birds

Hello lovelies! I am so excited to finally share the paper bird tutorial. And it is in video form too!! Since this was my Christmas tree topper as a turtle dove, I planned to share in December, but with the passing of my mother and a busy traveling schedule in January, the birds have now landed just in time for Valentine’s Day. . . in a pair as love birds. Perfect! I am also seeing these birds being a great Mother’s Day project as well and may need to form a nest with paper eggs for another tutorial. I have simplified the steps and attached the bits and pieces into only 7 to make it easier to reproduce. I know you can do it! The printable template is available at the end of the post. In this video I used a metallic white paper from in text weight. So here you are. . . a video tutorial on handcrafted paper love birds. Enjoy! ~ Lia
Paper Love Birds Tutorial BirdTemplateButton

  1. I used patterned paper to make a bird and it is beautiful! Going to make two more for Mother’s Day.

    • What a great idea! Please send us a picture ( I love to see what my readers make:-) Inspiration comes from everywhere!

  2. Lia,

    Thank you so much for putting out videos. I am a visual learner. If its not in front of me, I get lost. lol! These love birds are beautiful! Making a few for my daughters wedding coming up in April, 2015. Made a few so far, and they are coming out beautifully. :)

    • I love making videos because I am also a visual learner so thank you for saying so. Your comment just made my day! Congratulations on your daughers upcoming wedding!

  3. Love your site. Follow everything you do. I just started my online biz this year and I used your paper birdies for a project – donation for a state park gift shop.

  4. Is there a download file to make these on the CriCut explorer? I need to make 200 of these and really dont want to cut them out by hand.
    Making these to hang from the ceiling from fishing line for my daughters reception.

  5. Lia,
    I just found your blog. I have to say these love birds are gorgeous!! My husband and I will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary next week, I think Imake a pair of these for our celebration! Thank you for your videos!

  6. Hi Lia! Happy Holidays!!!! I absolutely adore these birds! Do you have the sgv of the big version for Cricut Explore? By the way, thanks to you I got it !!!! God bless you and your family! Big hug from Dominican Republic!

  7. Boa tarde, Lia. Este ano fizemos aqui em casa, estes pássaros para enfeitar a árvore de natal. Utilizei papel com a gramatura 120 g/m² e também com a gramatura 180 g/m². Não sei ao certo se é esta a gramatura indicada. Mas espero que a árvore de natal fique bem bonita quando estiver finalizada. Agradeço por compartilhar esse trabalho.

    • Hi Carolina, I usually use text weight paper. They come in different weight 60lb, 80lb, or 100lb I don’t know the equivalent in the metric system.

  8. Hermosos los estoy haciendo para el bautismo de mi bebita .

  9. Gorgeous. So doing this with my gelli printed papers. Thank you… B

  10. HI Lia,

    Thank you for making this project and craft available! It’s adorable and your blog is addictive!! I was wondering if it is possible to get the pattern as a jpeg instead of a pdf for printing? I would love to do this project with my 3 year old, who loves breaking out our Cricut Explore and being in charge of pressing the blinking lights!


  11. Beautiful birds! I just wish you moved a bit slower so I could keep up with you. I’m 70 and still love crafting—-just can’t follow along as quickly as I use to. Have watched video 3 times–tried to number the parts but always get lost when it comes to gluing the parts that fill out the body.
    I’ll keep trying!

    • Thank you! 70 is still considered being young! You can pause the video if you press the space key. It was too much information to put in a tutorial so I felt a video was a better medium. Hope it works!

  12. These are wonderful. I am making decorations for the hall where my daughter is having her wedding reception next May. I have twisted willow branches with paper flowers dotted over and the love birds will be a perfect addition. Thank you so much for sharing.

  13. my son is getting married , but no date has been set yet. I downloaded the template, but I was hoping the tutorial would also come as a download. I have no way to saving the tutorial. Help, I would love these to be on the wedding party table

  14. Love your paper birds and the tutorial is brilliant . Have tried to make these lovely creatures but sadly they always end up deformed and in the bin . can you add any tips to help as I do want to try again .


    • Are you having trouble with the head or the body of the bird? Maybe once the head is formed, arrange one side of the bird so you can see how it looks right, just holding it in place and testing. Once you understand where all three body pieces are to go, you can then go back and glue them. Does that help?

  15. Hi Lia,
    Just came across your page while searching for scan and cut files for ideas for christmas to decorate the village hall here in the uk.. The theme this year is the tweleve days of christmas, so your birds are perfect as four calling birds. Will probably scale them up a bit . Your video is so straight forward and helpful.. Many thanks for the inspiration and of course your knowledge, might have a go and adapting this to making the the turtle doves, changing the shape of the body and the wing formation. Looking forward to rediscovery more of your great ideas of the next few weeks..

    • Thanks Paul! There is a possibility that I will be in the UK in December, would be so fun to see my birds. Hopefully you will find some more ideas on my pass.

  16. from wear do you get the pattern

  17. Hi Lia

    I love this tutorial and the birds are just gorgeous. I am in the UK and when i tried to make one last night, the bird was a bit squat and didnt stand up on its own. I think this is because of paper size being different here – what size paper should the template be printed on?

    Many thanks!


    • Hum. Maybe one of the bits went the wrong direction? It should look the same no matter what size you print the pattern unless it gets squished.

  18. OH MY HAT!!! I just made one of these little birdies, and she is tooooo cute!!! I absolutely love this paper project, thanks Lia, for sharing the template (and vid tutorial) with us. They would make fabulous table decorations at a wedding, and if a small bag of sweets were placed inside the cavity of the bird’s belly during construction, would make adorable party favours too. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this project, and would love to find even more birdie paper templates to have ago at. Thanks again, much love, Marly

  19. Thank you for such an outstanding project. I want to make several. I especially want to make some in black for my daughter to use at Halloween. I don’t think everything has to be creepy or frightening for Halloween. I’m sure these will be very elegant. Thanks again for sharing your talent. God bless.

    • What a great idea! I did a complete kit last Halloween for a kid’s party and it was cute not creepy. I love black birds and perhaps should make a version that is less chubby for Halloween too.

  20. Hi! My name is Kristina, i’m from Ukraine. I want to say big THANKS for you! with your DIY i made the bouket and love birds for my wedding. My english not so good and i don’t know how to say all that i felling…if you understand me with help google translater :) – Щиро дякую Вам за те, що завдяки Вашому неперевершеному смаку і майстерності я мала змогу бути дуже ніжною, елегантною та незвичайною наречною. Я дуже вдячна Вам за те, що Ви робите такі дивні мастер-класи, які бувають дуже доречні багатьом людям. Ще раз дякую!

  21. Hola, Un saludo desde Ecuador, excelente sus trabajos, me encantaria poder llegar crear como lo hac su talento.
    Le cuento que soy amantes de los pajaritos, y al ver esté diseño quede enamorada.
    Serà posible me haga llegar el boceto, mi email es:, claro salvo su mejor criterio.
    Mil bendiciones y siga creando :)

    • I am not sure I completely understand your message. I think you are asking for the template. This you can download at the end of the post. There is a grey button that you click.

  22. I love to read the comments on each project. The birds are exquisite. I love anything to do with birds and after watching the video I can hardly wait to make at least 2 of them. I’ll be seeing about getting some of same kind of paper from your source. If you trust their products I certainly can also.
    The more I see of all you share the more I realize how lucky we all are to be the recipients of your talents. I hope you know what a difference sharing all these beautiful videos, tutorials and templates make in my life let alone all the other happy readers. Thank you so much Lia. Sure glad I kept looking at all the posts on the 25+ DIY Paper Blooms party. Happy week

    • Awwww, thanks JaneEllen! That note just make my evening. I really do this blog as a tiny contribution in bettering the world and it makes me really happy doing so. :-)

  23. aaaw this is adorable and beautiful, thank you for the sharing.
    and the tute. i will come back to give it ones a try.
    because i don’t think i will make this without the steps;-D

  24. I just found these and I love them!! Ok, so I wondered if you could do this with card stock, and how practical it would be to try to make 160 of them…. how much time do you think that would take me, realistically? Want to come over and help?? 😉 Haha.

    • Hi Jen! For both bird and the feathers the easiest way to make them fast is to use a Silhouette or Cricut Explore paper cutting machine. If you are here in PDX you can come borrow mine. :-) Once cut, they are pretty easy to assemble.

  25. me gustaria que me mandes los moldes para poder hacerlos
    beatriz cornejo de argentina buenos aires

  26. Wonderful idea … Will try it! Thank you so much for posting.

    Greetings by Heidrun

  27. wow. these are beautiful. I must try making these although I have my doubts that I can make them as pretty.

    • Give it a try! You may surprise yourself.

      • Lia,
        You are the Bomb! With all the health issues I have going on, you make me want to craft, when I can lol. I made the orchids, they came out just beautiful! I am going to try the birds, don’t know when but some time in the near future. I just love everything you do, for someone like me, this is very therapeutic! I don’t mind sharing what is wrong with me, so here goes, if you don’t know what they are google them. I have connective collagen diease, lupus, sjogrens, osteoarthritis in all my major joints and spine, advanced ddd of my lumbar spine, severe femoral patella syndrome, and I was just diagnosed with chiari 1 malformation and thats just to name a few! I just recently lost my mom this past September, she would have been 71 on 3/4. Anywho, I usually get a smile from your crafts, they are so beautiful and easy to make:D Thanks for all you do Lia! ?……….Tracy J

        • Wow! Thanks for sharing your story Tracy. It really touched my heart. You seem to have such a challenge, yet rise above with a sweet and joyful spirit. My mother passed in December too, so my heart with with you as you feel that loss. I do feel that making crafts, creative is so good for all of us on a deeper level and it really makes me pause to hear how my blog has impacted your life. I am humbled. Hugs to you.

  28. We will be using these are our cake topper for our wedding! Thank you so much!!!!!

  29. Thank you so much Lia!

    I cannot begin to describe the impact your passion has had on my life, from the first moment I found your website (winter 2013).

    Your work and trying to create my own versions have inspired me to be kinder and more content and intensely happy with my crafting. I am not very creative when it comes to this form of art and through you I have realized that it doesn’t matter, because practice makes perfect, and if not the journey is oh so wonderful!

    So thank you thank you thank you! For all that you have given me!


    • Wow. This is such a lovely note Nevo. There is something very soothing and warming about making things. We are as women, natural creators. I love helping people tap back into that. :-)

  30. This is just so beautiful I must find time and try and make one. Thanks for sharing your expertise it is really appreciated

  31. Great Lisa!!! i’m going to give t a try. Greetings from Belgium!

  32. Just made a blue one and a green one (one for each of my kids and in their favorite color) and tucked a little red heart in each beak. They look adorable and will look super cute sitting on their Valentine’s gifts tomorrow! Thank you for the tutorial!

  33. Lia I absolutely adore your paper birds thank you for sharing. I will certainly give them a try. I just found your blog and am now a happy follower. Thank you x

  34. Omg, thank you so much for sharing. I loved them then and love them now. I can’t wait to make these.


  35. hola!!!
    hermoso el tutorial! :)
    me encantaria algun dia conocerte en persona, se nota que le pones dedicacion y esfuerzo a lo que haces!
    saludos desde Argentina!
    yael 😉

  36. Hi! I have been trying to come up with a theme for my son and his fiancée for their rehearsal dinner—this is it! Love Birds! I can hardly wait to get to work on it. Great tutorial! Any suggestions for the best paper to work with? Your paper seemed to have a sheen to it. Where can I purchase it and does it come in different colors?

  37. Went to and had NO IDEA there are so many different kinds of paper!!!! Yikes.

    Would you mind being specific with the name of the paper you used in the video??

    Would so appreciate it.

  38. I only just found your blog today and the lovebirds are Adorable!! I look forward to following you from now on

    Thanks sooo much for sharing this tutorial. You’re awesome!!

  39. Wow…that’s all I can say. Well, no…I can say more, like they’re gorgeous!

  40. Great….. its beautiful

  41. I just found your blog today looking for this tutorial (another friend made them and shared the link). I am so super glad I found you! This is the sweetest tutorial, and I have enjoyed looking around at all the fun projects you have shared. Thank you so much for all your creative ideas! :)

  42. Holy moly! Beauutiful birds! And greetings from Finland :)

  43. Thank you for sharing your wonderful projects.
    How very generous of you!

  44. Fabulous! Your talent never ceases to amaze me. Helping to throw a 25th anniversary party for my brother and SIL this Saturday…I’m going to give this a go and use as a decoration…would be great on the cake table! Thanks so much for the printable and the video…you make it look so easy.

  45. The Love Birds are beautiful. Thanks so much.

  46. Cute bird, thank you!

  47. It is beautiful, love it very much.

  48. Hello Lia,

    thanks for another lovely project. These birds are soooooo cute!
    What kind of paper you are using for your projects? It’s always so shiny.

  49. I cannot view using youtube..arghh..poor thing.. :(

  50. Incredible. How lovely and sweet your birds are. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity.

  51. Oh, thank you for sharing this pattern and video. I can’t wait to put them on my counter at work.

  52. Oh my goodness, these are adorable!! These would make great decorations at a wedding too!
    ~ Melissa

  53. Love the love birds and have them all printed, ready to start cutting. They would also be cute, plump quail; but how can I make the feather on top of the head look as cute?

  54. Just found you via FaceBook! WOW is all I can say. Thanks for the beautiful video and project and for sharing your talents with us.

  55. Thank you so much!
    They are cute!

  56. Estaba deseando hacer este bird,es un diseño tuyo? los papeles de regalo también diseñas los dibujos de este? voy haciendo todo lo que enseñas ,me gusta tu buén gusto y simplicidad para hacer estas cos

    • Sí, estos diseños son mis originales, el pájaro, la envoltura y casi todo en mi sitio. Tengo un don para hacer las cosas. Estoy feliz de saber que como ellos también. (google translate)

  57. These are charming! I’m going to try making a Spring mobile with them.

  58. Unbelievably beautiful, and the video is just so lovely made, thanks for sharing all your wonderful craftiness with all of us.

  59. These come together so easily in your hands Lia! I will have a go but can’t guarantee it will come out as beautiful as yours – probably more of a fat pigeon than a love bird! Thanks so much for the tutorial and the template. Margie x

  60. This is too good.

  61. Thanks Lia,
    Thank you for sharing the video. The birds are so beautiful. All that you create is fantastic.

  62. So sorry to hear of your loss. These birds are fabulous, thank you for sharing, can’t wait to make a pair!

  63. I’m so sorry to read of your mom’s passing. My mom loved and painted many birds also. What a wonderful creation you have shared and will be cherish by all and especially me. Thank you so much for the delightful video and pattern. Hugs!

  64. I can’t wait to try one (or more) of these! Thank you so much for sharing them with us! I, too, lost my mother within the last six months, so I know just how this feels. Even though we are grown women, it is never easy. I am sorry for your loss and hope you have wonderful memories…

  65. Stunning, you are so very talented…

  66. Each of my kids will be getting one of these for Valentine’s Day, I think! A nest would be super cute–with paper feathers, perhaps? :)

    My condolences on your mother’s passing!

    • Wouldn’t a nest be the best. It is coming for mother’s day. Your kid’s will love them. I had a little 7 year old boy watching the video and he was awe struck. It was like paper transformers to him. haha!

  67. So precious! Thanks for sharing.

  68. These are beautiful. I have made many of your printables. Where did you find the paper you used for the birds?

  69. Brilliant!

  70. Great design Lia…gotta’ make some of these!

  71. What an amazing video and beautiful birds. I’m so glad you included a video because I would have never thought that I could make them but I think I can handle it. And who knew a craft tutorial video could be so lovely?

    • Thanks Melissa! We worked hard to make this video creative and practical at the same time. I think we did it. And. . . if the video inspires you to know you can handle a harder project then I hit my goal!! Yay. Let me know how it goes for you.

  72. Adorable! Can’t wait to make them.

  73. These are beautiful! Thank you for sharing your great talents. I’m also very sorry to hear about your mom’s passing. My mom lives with us now and she has such a great bond with my kids. I get all teary that one day she won’t be around… Again, thank for always sharing such hight quality content! I look forward to your newsletter every day 😉

  74. They are lovely, Lia. I can’t wait to try them.

    I am so sorry to hear of the death of your mother. My most sincere condolences.

  75. I so adored your turtle dove at Christmas so am thrilled that you have chosen to share this with us. I am hoping to soon have two love birds adorning my entry table. Thank you Lia!

  76. I just love these, well I just love everything you have created. Thanks for sharing with us!

  77. Oh my, you are ingenious!!! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome designs!!!

  78. These are SO cute! I can’t wait to make them. Thank you for sharing the video instructions…

  79. Very beautiful!!!

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