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VIDEO: Make an Industrial Edison Style Chandelier

DIY Chandelier with Tutorial Many of you have asked about my DIY industrial chandelier. As I promised, here is the tutorial for my dining room, and now kitchen bar lights. The base of my chandeliers are made from a recycled coffee table & cabinet door. The vintage reproduction electrical parts I found on Etsy at Snake Head Vintage. I used the satin nickle light sockets and twisted cloth wire in clay for both of my chandeliers. I also purchased three amber tubular light bulbs for my kitchen chandelier which give a nice warm mood light. For the larger dining room piece I used twelve 20-watt tube bulbs that I purchased at my home improvement store and added a dimmer switch. It is perfect for over the dining room table. Here is a printable materials list and step-by-step to go along with the video tutorial. Enjoy the video and let it inspire you to make your own version of a vintage industrial chandelier. Cheers! ~ Lia

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  1. I just watched your tuturioral for the chandelier and it’s beautiful! My only question is… When you state to add the 4th wire in, it seemed as though you wrapped it u w the rest? I’m sorry, I didn’t quite see that part of the process. And also, was hooking it up to the source difficult?
    Thank you!!!

    • The ones I did had 4 light heads so the 4 wires were from each light head. As for hooking it up to the source I always recommend using a certified electrician, when it comes to electricity I always refer to the professionals. Don’t want to burn down my house:-)

  2. Hi Lia, (love that name; it is also my daughter’s name, spelled exactly like yours!! ; )

    Your chandelier idea is great; something we have been wanting to do in our creative office boardroom for some time. I just wanted to mention one word of caution for anyone attempting to build one of those. Lia used 20W bulbs x 12, as seen in the pic, adds up to 240W; great.

    Please use caution when building your own version. Let’s say, for argument sake, you are using 60W bulbs and plan to be even more adventurous by using 20 bulbs, you may be pushing the limits a) because the load may be too great and b) because it will be tricky to properly secure all wires together in one large ‘lump’. You’ll have to do it differently! Make sure you check load limits, etc and if in doubt, consult with an electrician or ask at the hardware store. They should be able to answer your questions. And lastly, depending on what kind of bulbs you use, a dimmer may not always work and, ‘may’ also become a fire hazard. I am not posting this to discourage anyone but wanted to, in addition to Lia’s great creative idea, underline that you are working with electricity and safety in this case is paramount.

    • Thank you! I absolutely agree with everything you say. People, please be careful! I had an electrician here that I could consult, didn’t want to burn down my home:-)

  3. You are amazing Lia! I really love the concrete counter tops and the lighting is gorgeous. Thanks so much for the peek!
    Alyce Kennefy

  4. Lia- Thank you so much for the details in this post. I just finished my own version and I am thrilled with how it came out!

  5. I am in love with this tutorial. It’s brilliant!
    You’ve inspired me yet again 😀

  6. Hi Lisa! Love the chandelier! I was inspired by you video and made a slightly different version of it (added cage) for my dining room. But, I have not been able to mount it to the ceiling! I was wondering if you did anything special for the bigger one (from coffee table?) to mount it to the ceiling.
    Again loved the video!

    • Thanks! I mounted it with the ceiling mounts the pop open and give a lot of strength. Again as in the video, I had someone help me who knew what he was doing. 😉

  7. Hi Lia,
    This light fixture is just gorgeous! I’m in love and I’ve featured it on my site It’s a place to discover fun & creative DIY ideas and inspirations. Here is the link to your featured post:
    Thank you so much for this wonderful project!!! ~Jenise

  8. This is a really well done tutorial. I’ve wanted to make a fixture like this for a long time. Thanks!

  9. Wow, I LOVE this! I’ve been starting to see these Edisson bulb light fixtures crop up in a few upscale restaurants here in NYC too. I bet there will be many more out there thanks to your great tutorial Lia! You’re such a trend-setter :)
    ~ Melissa

  10. You are simply amazing and never cease to amaze me with your crazy skills. Lucky me, I get to see it in person tomorrow! :)

  11. I love this chandelier. We are redoing our kitchen and I think we will attempt this DIY project. I painted my cabinets annie sloan paris gray and because of your yellow stool in your gray foyer I redid an old buffet that will be my kitchen island with yellow. I really enjoy all of your projects and the beautiful images. You are an inspiration. I want to try and make some flowers for the upcoming spring which is a bit away in the Northeast, but I know it will eventually come.

    • Thanks Maureen! I love Paris Gray. Share photos of your kitchen when you are done. So exciting. Maybe making some paper flowers will help encourage the spring to begin. At least inside your home. 😉

  12. Thanks for the tutorial!!! I love your dining room table too – did you make it, or did you buy it?

    • Thanks Julia! I LOVE that table and I wish I had made it. . . hum, sounds like a challenge to me. I bought it at West Elm. It is the Emmerson table.

  13. Gorgeous! I love it! Truly amazing.

  14. Great video, Lia. You really helped to put the entire project in focus for me. Thank you so much!

  15. I’ve followed you for awhile and finally need to comment! I have never come across a blog where I pretty much LOVE every single diy or idea that’s posted…until yours. I love your style, all your paper diy/printables, and your other projects (like this one). I appreciate so, so much all the freebie printables and the tutorials. I *love* your blog and your style! Thank you so very much!!!

    • You just made my day Katie! What a sweet note. I have such a great time making and designing so to hear that others LOVE it… sigh… you are the best.

  16. Waou ! Waou ! Your chandelier is fantastic. I love it !!

  17. you are simply amazing Lia! Looks like I have a new project thanks to you:)

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