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Printable Halloween Food or Candy Tags & Straw Flags

Candy Labels Straw Flags To add the finishing touches to a Halloween party table, I love to see food and dessert tags, or in this case candy tags. These chalkboard style tags are editable for you to add in your food, beverage or treat name. First install the free font Museo Slab. Once that is done, download the PDF onto your computer and open in Acrobat. You will see the text fields that you can simply click and change. Note that the editable fields will not show up when in preview mode on your browser window. To add a little extra color and texture you can use the decorative bands around your candy jars. The final touch is the chalkboard style straw flags with fun Halloween messages. Come back tomorrow for a round-up of the Halloween kit and a clever idea for making a trick or treat bag of of upcycled grocery bags. Cheers! ~ Lia

Printable Halloween Candy Labels Chalkboard Halloween Straw Flags Chalkboard Style Candy Labels Printable Halloween Straw Flags FoodCandyLabels StrawFlagButton DecorativeBandButton

  1. Hi!
    I just came across your blog and love all your stuff! How do you cut the labels out these so perfectly?


    • I guess I have a steady hand with scissors. The good things is that this chalkboard style can be a bit less than perfect and it still looks great.

  2. What do you use or where do you get the milk bottles from – they are adorable once you decorate them!

  3. Hi Lia

    I love the whole Halloween project you have been working on! Its sooo cute :)

    What program do you work in to make all your projects?

    So great that they are editable. Thanks!!

    • Thanks! It has been fun. I create all of the illustrations and designs in Adobe Illustrator. To make things editable like the food tags I use Adobe Acrobat.

  4. These are so fantastic! I haven’t seen cuter Halloween decorations anywhere else!!

  5. LOVE these, Lia! That’s so perfect that they’re editable, too.

    The cheesecloth milk bottle toppers is a brilliantly spooky move. :)


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