VIDEO: How to Paint a Chevron Rug

How to Paint a Chevron Rug I painted the original version of this rug back in October for a friend who needed a bold and graphic (and affordable) rug for a trade show booth. As she was asking me if I knew where she could find such I thing, I looked down at the sisal rug we were standing on and piped “how about I paint this one?” Why not, right? I did my research, created an easy to use pattern (very important that it is easy) and gave it a go. The finished rug looked fantastic and after 4 months of use in her office space, it still looks as great. Here is the tutorial. . . Enjoy! ~ Lia

DIY Chevron RugWHAT YOU WILL NEED:4’4″ x 6’5″or 5’5″ x 7’7″ rug (the Ikea Egeby sisal rug)
Prints of the chevron pattern (5 each of the 2)
1″ and 2″ painters tape
Mini paint roller and tray
Satin enamel paint in color of your choice (1 quart)ChevronRugButton1ChevronRugButton2

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Hi lia,
I am new to your blog but love it so far. I am going to attempt the zipper pillow covers this week. I also love this painted rug idea. However, I am looking to do it on a runner. I looked and ikea does sell the same rug Ina runner size. Do you think this pattern would work for that size or will it look to large? I wondered if it would look ok following your pattern. Any tips would be helpful.
Thanks so much, Stacie

So happy you are here! I think the large pattern would look great on the runner as long as you can get at least 4 zig/zags across. To make the pattern work, measure it out (I would but I am slammed today) and see if it will line up. You will want the edges to end at a point, or center them so both sides look even. If it is not a fit, email me a lia at liagriffith dot com and we will find a solution.

You have inspired me to make one of these rugs for my new home. I love the shadow boxes, pencils and notebooks what a great project for my grandkids they can make their Christmas gifts for their friends and family. Thank you for sharing all of your ideas keep them coming.

Hi Lia, thank you so much for the vedio and the template, Lia I was wondering if I painted the whole carpet white and then did the chevron print on top of the white paint will the white color show any trace of the original color of the carpet ? Like in your case the teal cooled blue color can you feel underneath is light brown beige ? Or no ? If possible you post a close picture of the color on the carpet ….

Thanks a million love from Dubai


Hi Nana, I can’t see the rug under the paint at all. It fully covers the sisal. I would think you could paint it white first. My only concern would be that it would show dirt easier than the tan. If you watch the video again, at the very end where I post “credits” there is a close up shot of the rug.

Thank you so much for writing back. Well my house colors are silver, black and grey so I am thinking white and royal blue as an accent color…

Lia, I am considering the 5’5 x 7’7 egby carpet but the pattern doesn’t add up. How can I make it fit the carpet, like how did you come up with the perfect template? Is there a template for bigger carpets than the one you used or a method to do it ?

Sorry I bothered you but you have no idea how in love I am with your carpet.


Nana love from Dubai

Hi Nana, I have a way to figure out the math. The first one I did was that larger size. I will post that size onto this blog as well. Give me a day to get that done.

Sorry Lia to bother you I was wondering if you have posted it somewhere else ? I am so excited to do the same rug like yours want to surprise my husband that he claims I am not crafty :)



I would print on A3 to be safe. You want the full template to make the size work. Also when in Acrobat make sure if prints full size and does not say “print to fit” or anything else.

Liz I am sorry too many comments but when I open the template for download on the top the measurement says 4’4×6’5 still so is it a different template with just a typo or ?


Thanks Lia,i will try to do that project ,sunday
I love do project for my house,everybody love
what I do,,,,,, I let you know how it was,,,,, :)

Hello, my name is Marie, I was looking your chevron rug. I was wondering what is the color of the paint you use, it is sooooo beautiful. I would like to make one for my daughter with that same color. Can you share the paint color name? I will really appreciate it. Thanks at lot :)

Hello Marie. The color used is Sherwin Williams Cooled Blue in a Latex Enamel. Let me know how it goes! I am about to paint another sisal rug for my entryway.