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Vintage Monogram Note Cards & Personalized Envelopes

Monogram Stationery Monogrammed Notecards If you are looking for a personalized gift for Mother’s Day, your bridesmaids, a friend’s birthday or for a new graduate, then this monogrammed stationary kit is a perfect choice for the DIY you. The printable kit includes vintage style cards, an envelope that can be personalized with a name and address and monogram stickers to complete the look.

Personalized Notecards Vintage Monogrammed Stationery Tools and Supplies To personalize this set first you will need to download this free font, Museo Slab (click here).  Then download and open the three PFDs. Click onto the G on both the note card and sticker and you can change it to your letter. Make sure you shift for a capitol letter. With the envelope you can click onto each line to change the name and address. It’s as easy as that! The labels are designed to print onto a 1.5 inch round label sheet, though for this version I printed mine onto a full sheet of label paper and used my 1.5 inch circle punch to trim.

Tools: metal ruler, cutting mat, craft knife, circle punch, adhesive dot roller. Supplies: French Construction Whitewash text paper, French Construction Whitewash cover stock, full sheet label paper, small glassine envelope, glassine bag, black & white baker’s twine. Enjoy ~ Lianotecardbuttonenvelopebuttonstickerbutton

  1. I love your stuff! LOL I am having problems with the Vintage Monogram Stickers. They look like they’re going to download then they don’t. Can you help with that?
    Thank you so much.

  2. Magnifique, tu nous donnes le goût d’écrire avec ce joli papier à lettre. Merci pour ce partage

  3. Thanks, it’s a good idea !

  4. Ok. I admit it.
    I am a complete, untreatable idiot. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this. I downloaded the font, the envelope, and the stickers. Great. Now is the tricky part: how do I change your ‘G’ to my ‘D’? I am trying to do something for my little sister and her big day, but don’t know how.

    please help

    • You will need to open these in Adobe Acrobat or the free version which is Reader. Once open, select the place holder text with your cursor and replace with yours. Let me know if it is still not working for you and we can continue to trouble shoot. Email me directly at lia at lia griffith dot com. Easier that way.

  5. Hello Lia, I found your website not so long ago and I must say it is the only website I have found that I want to come back to every day. It has the most beautiful projects on it. I want to duplicate just about everything. I know that I found your notecard and envelope project fairly late so I didn’t expect but I found that the some of the items are no longer available to purchase. I was wondering if there was another paper that might substitute for the french construction whitewash? My mother who is 87 would just love these. And also when changing the initial on the cards it pushed the letter to the top of the circle. Do you know why that might be? I love love your stuff. Sorry for being so lengthy but thank you so much for your ideas and projects for download.

    • You can use any kind of paper you love. Even another color like pale pink or blue. :-) When you were trying to change the initial did you upload the free font first. This will make a huge difference. Let me know if you still can’t get it to work and I can help trouble shoot more. Hugs!

  6. I just printed off the notecards and all I am getting is the circle design with my letter inside…not the scroll around and on either side. Any suggestions? Also, is their a way to change the font style on these.

    • My only thought is that you are low on ink so the pale grey is not printing. If you want to change the font to a custom one, I can do that for you in my Etsy shop. Since this version is free… it comes as is. Sorry.

      • I am not sure if that is the issue as I just reloaded my ink cartridges but will play around with it. All of a sudden I am having real problems with printer so will probably have to uninstall and then reinstall. So random really. Printed off everything prior without a hitch. Hmm. I will also check out the other website. I heard about this website today as a matter of fact from the people at paper source. Thank you

  7. When I download the free font I get a Winzip message to buy it. I’m confused

    • Ummm. No. That is not good. This is just a compressed file so the message is not from me. I will do some sluthing. Can you open the file at all by double clicking it?

    • Okay, the only thing I can see is that Winzip is the software to open the zipped file. There is a free version. I bet if you download that first it will not give you that message to buy.

  8. For the monogram stickers, if you print on a full sheet of label paper, do you use your crafts knife to score the back for the paper to peel off? Am I missing something? How do you peel off the back of the stickers after they are printed?.
    Also, do you have difficulty sleeping at night with so many wonderful ideas swimming in your head????????????!!!!!!!!

    • When I print on full sheet and punch circle stickers, I will often use the tip of the craft knife to get between the sticker and the backer. Sometimes they come off with just my finger nails and sometimes they need a little help. Sleeping sometimes is tricky. I try to jot down notes. haha.

  9. Hi Lia the link to the small glassine envelope is not working ie error at Amazon end – what is the size please or do you have the new link at all?? thank you very much!! LOVE your blog and your beautiful work wish mine was half as good!! Liked your facebook page too (I am Crafty Chook!). Thank you Hillary, Australia!

  10. thank you.


  11. Hi Lia! I love the printable for the stickers, but am wondering if there’s a way to make the type a bit smaller so I can fit both my fiancée and I’s first initials in the circle rather than just the one letter. Is there a way to do that from my end or would the file have to be set up that way? Thanks!

    • What you can do is place a space in the type field so it will leave it blank. Save it and place into Word as a background. You can then add your own type over the top of the template, exactly as you like.

  12. Dear Lia,
    My production is handmade paper and it’s products. I am really interested to make the garland in different desings. I want to make it in very unqiue piece.
    Would you like to tell me what is the process to do?
    Thank you.
    With kind regards.

  13. Hi Lia,
    when I try to print off the cards, the paper size is 14.33 x 10.12. Is there a way to change that to 8.5 x 11? The design is lovely! Thank You!

    • That is odd because it is designed for 8.5×11. Double check your print window before you print to make sure it is set to full size. Let me know if you are unable to figure it out.

  14. I really wish to bookmark this blog, “DIY Vintage Monogram Note Cards and Envelopes | Lia
    Griffith” on my website. Would you mind if Ido?

    Thx ,Sonia

  15. Thanks a ton for taking some time to compose “DIY Vintage Monogram Note Cards and Envelopes | Lia Griffith”.

    Thanks once again -Margaret

  16. Hey Lia! Your website is so amazing!! I was wondering if you minded if i print your freebie letter sets and labelling sets off to sell in my shop in Byron bay. Love emily

    • Thanks Emily! Since I do offer these items out for free, I do ask that it is for personal use only. If you want to work out an arrangement, just send me a quick email. Thanks!

  17. I just came across your website and I absolutely adore it. It’s full of such beautiful and useful things. Thank you so much for sharing these with everybody!

  18. Hello …

    I love the Vintage Monogram set. I’m having a small issue. When I click on the letter to change it, no problem. When I print preview, the letter is off to the left, it’s not centering in the circle. Any suggestions?

    Thank you.


    • Make sure you have downloaded and installed the free font that I have lists in this post. It is called Museo. Let me know if that works.

  19. Just love your site and your work. Thank you for all the wonderful freebies and the amazing inspiration you share with your readers!

  20. These are truly beautiful and so suitable for so many occasions. I love the fact that you can personalise them. I can change the details into Irish/Gaelige and can appear rather sophisticated and talented. Hooray for that.Thank you so much Lia, or go raibh maith agat !!! Good luck with the Etsy store, such a generous nature deserves every success.

  21. I find it very interesting that you answer each one of the comments. Makes me think that there is a real person behind this and they really appreciate each one of the comments that they receive. Like this very much and really like your work!

    • This is true. I always appreciate it when bloggers respond to my comments so I am doing just that. I do get a lot of joy hearing what people have to say and answering their questions. It keeps me eager to get that next post up too knowing that people find my ideas and designs useful. :-)

  22. These are amazing! I absolutely LOVE your style…it’s music to my design sensibilities! Ha

  23. I just found your website and I just love it already! But may I ask: what kind of paper did you print it on? It is so beautiful!

    • Hi Danai, I used French Construction Whitewash text paper, French Construction Whitewash cover stock, full sheet label paper. You can find the links at the end of the post. :-)

  24. Lisa, I want to thank you for the free templates. Most advertise as free, to lure you to their website, but actually they are not.
    I am planning a family reunion and will use these as to create a family stationary favor, for the gift bags. However, I want to change the font, is this possible? If so how?
    PS: please explain in baby steps for I am a novice at this – lol.
    Advance thanks and blessing!

    • My suggestion is to open the PDF and make the letters and words blank. Then save and place it into your Word program as a background. You can then overlay your own text onto this background and print from there. ~ Lia

  25. I absolutely LOVE this design! Do you ever sell the original artwork? I would love to be able to print it a little darker and a little crisper than I can with the pdf.

    I have tried so many things from your website…I love EVERYTHING you do!!!!!

    • Yes, you can purchase a custom printable through my Etsy shop. Just include the details of the file format and colors you are looking for.

      And. . . thanks for the sweet note. I love hearing that what I post is being used and is helpful. :-)

  26. You are amazing. That is all. ~M.

  27. i freaking LOVE your stuff!! you are so talented! it is so kind of you to offer these little jewels for free. what do you do that you charge for? i’d love to be able to help support your business.

    thanks again!

    • Awww, wow! Thanks Angela. Right now I am building up this new blog and filling it with as much inspiration and goodies as I have time to produce. To make money I guest post for other blogs and site, but I will be setting up my Etsy store very soon where I will offer printed items as well as custom templates. Stay tuned for that. But my big dream. . . to create a media company with videos, tv show, magazines, etc. Dream big, right? So to support me share my site with all of your friends who like to infuse handcrafted into their life. In the blog world, traffic is the path to creating the big dream. 😉

  28. This notecard set is beautiful! Thank you for making this and offering it to your readers for free, it’s very kind and generous!

  29. Queda molt bé,és podria d’alguna manera imprimir amb una altra lletra ? veig que sols està amb la lletra G,
    De totes maneres em sembla fet amb molt de gust.
    Una abraçada des de Catalunya !!

    • Podeu actualitzar la lletra a res quan s’obre el PDF. Feu clic al G i que li permetrà escriure el seu propi. A més, canviar l’adreça al sobre. Faré que més clar en les instruccions.

      English: You can update the letter to anything when you open the PDF. Click on the G and it will let you type your own. Also, change the address on the envelope. I will make that more clear in the directions.

      • Ah!! Doncs que bé que se’m ha acudit de preguntar-t’ho , és genial i moltes gràcies per posar-me també ja la traducció, ets tan amable i maca i amb tant de talent !! hi hauria d’haver més gent com tu,
        Tens la meva admiració total.
        Una forta abraçada .

        • So sweet! Gràcies Anna. Va ser útil des que vaig escriure millors adreces en el missatge per a tothom. 😉

          So sweet! Thanks Anna. It was helpful since I wrote better directions in the post for everyone. 😉

  30. Good design, now if I could just write that nicely!

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