SuperHerosIt is day two for our homemade Halloween costumes and today I am giving you a twofer! (That would be a “two in one”). Superhero costumes are a classic and we made these for our Lightning Boy and Star Girl. You can choose your child’s favorite colors for their custom costume. I found my gorgeous wool felt blend from Benzie Design’s Etsy shop. She offers so many colors. I then purchased a coordinating fabrics for the cape, 1 yard per cape is plenty, a half yard of iron-on fuze and 2 yards of elastic ribbon and iron on velcro at my local fabric store. You can download and print the pattern using the buttons below which includes the mask, belt, arm bands and the logo for the back of their capes. For tools you will need sharp fabric scissors, pinking sheers for the cape, an iron and a hot glue gun. I love to use pinking sheers for no-sew projects to keep any edges from fraying with the zig zag cut. 

Once you have gathered all of your materials and tools I have prepared a step-by-step tutorial to show you how I assembled the mask and the cape. Both costumes are made with similar steps and once the felt pieces are cut for the costumes, simply cut a layer of fuse for all of the small decorative pieces and one layer for the two large pieces of mask felt. I prefer the fuse over hot glue for most of the pieces as it has a nice flat finish, however I did glue the elastic ribbon onto the neck of the cape and added an extra hold with glue on the velco for the arm bands. Next we will show you an easy no-sew grown up costume. Our own Anna is going to be running in a Halloween 10K and needed a clever costume for her team. See what we whipped up for her tomorrow! ~ Lia