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Add a Little Bit of Spring to your Office Desk

Mini Flower Arrangements Simple and Pretty Flower Cups Flowers for Your Desk

Yesterday, I was having brunch with a friend as we were bouncing around thoughts of what creative ideas to share here on my new blog. She tossed me the idea of inspiring people to personalize and enliven their work spaces, especially for those who work in corporate jobs spending 8 plus hours in a bland cubicle. I will start on this challenge with one of my favorites. . . a simple ways to add a touch of nature into your work space. Though this tutorial is great for any event, wedding, dinner, brunch or home decor, it is also a simple and sweet way for you to bring a little bit of spring into your work space.

Following one of the basic design rules of odd numbers, I like to work in threes. These three mercury glass candle holders were purchased at Target and are perfect for these mini arrangements as well as candles on another day. Though I bought these without candles, I find myself saving used candle jars, as are often pretty and the perfect size for these mini arrangements. Other good containers are jam jars, small cups or pots without holes in the bottom. I love to mix and match but keep a common color or theme to tie the mini arrangements together. The flowers I use are often inexpensive grocery store finds. I chose white alstroemeria for the largest vase, a bundle of green kermit flowers, simple mini daisy filler flowers and a small bunch of lemon leaf, technically known as salal. When I owned my flower shop many years ago, salal was my favorite green. It is very hardy, has a smooth matte leaf and adds a nice backdrop to any arrangement. Of course, you can choose any variety of flowers, colors and greens you like. Have fun, get creative and experiment. Below is my step-by-step tutorial of how to create these mini flower cup arrangements. . . so simple, fresh and green. Happy Monday! ~ Lia

Mini Flower Cup Tutorial

  1. I definitely should try making a small arrangement for my office desk. As of now no one at my work would believe that on weekends I blog about flowers.:)

  2. Lovely! And easy enough for anyone to do. You add such beauty to everything you touch. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Flowers ,flowers thank you for sharing the name of the greenery you use. I have to buy flowers now..but soon i will have my greenhouse up and growing.. I go to the store and buy fresh flowers but they never have the greenery. I love your blog

    • I love it that you have a greenhouse! Sometimes I have to stop by the florist to pick up greens and twigs as you are right, not all grocery stores offer them.

  4. Love this idea, I just discovered your blog ( i left a note from my Keepsakes By Katherine profile too) I invite you to share your amazing blog at my blog hop on Thursday xo

  5. My goodness! I LOVE these! And I actually have a bunch of these exact candle holders… Great taste, miss. 😉 I used them to make some soy candles back around Christmas time.

    So lovely. :)

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