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Before and After: My Vintage Step Stool

Vintage Stool Updated Teal Vintage Stool UpdatedI have been looking for just the right step stool to use in my photography studio. I am constantly needing to shoot straight down onto the project sitting on the big heavy industrial table in my studio and jumping on and off the table as I do is not the best idea. I was delighted when I found this vintage stool with retractable steps at a flea market. It looked exactly like the stool my parents had in their photography studio back in the 1060’s. I knew immediately that I would be painting this stool to give it new life. Though I am a huge Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® advocate, there are a few projects now and again where I reach for a can of spray paint. This is one of them. I purchased one can of Liquitex in this pretty aqua color for this project. I found the perfect match in a polka dot oilcloth that I used to cover the steps and top of the stool. To attach the oilcloth to the metal I used high strength spray adhesive. You can see my step-by-step photos of how I gave this old stool a new look. Cheers! ~ Lia

Vintage Stool Teal Oilcloth Vintage Stool Tutorial

  1. Why did you take the back off,or did it have a back?

  2. I saw your picture on pinterest and love what you did with the stepstool. I have a stool sans steps that looks closely related to yours, I keep it, intending to make it fun and pretty. Thank you for all the info., that spray paint color makes it obvious to me what I need to do. It’s Liquitex for me. The teal/thalo greenish and the polka dots, it’s gorgeous.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I am looking for a cool step stool for my new office space and this inspired me!

  4. I absolutely LOVE this. My parents gave me the stool we had in the house when I was growing up, which turns out it was when my dad was younger as well. I now have two little boys and I want to bring it out and start using it for them to use to help cook and I was dreading fixing it up. I love this look. I am now going to search for the perfect oil cloth first then find the color to paint it. Right now it is rusty white/red/black.

  5. Great piece – just wondered how many cans you used of the spray paint and the type you think is best to use? Loved the idea of the oilcloth too. I would never have thought of that… Love all your ideas…

  6. I have two matching vintage step chairs (with backs) that I was dreading having to take apart before painting. But now I see it’s not necessary. If my chairs turn out half as lovely as yours, I’ll be thrilled. Thanks so much for the step by step!

    • They don’t have cushioned seats do they? If not, I think you could spray and get a great look. The paint I used has a wonderful matte finish rather than glossy which I think looks better too.

  7. Lia, did you find the oilcloth locally?

  8. So love this!! Well done!

  9. That came out so nice, love the oilcloth touch on this piece. The color is just perfect! :-)

  10. That’s amazing! such a “glamorous” change 😉
    Love the fabric too

  11. This is just gorgeous! I love the color you chose!

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