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Chalkboard Christmas Card Clip Art + Printable Envelope Liners to Match

ChristmasCardTemplate I have been quite spoiled the last few years when I was the Creative Director for an online stationery shop. We had everything set for adding photos and text into the card designs. I looked high and low for an option so that you could add a photo and type easily before you printed, but fell flat. So my best option is to give you the clip art for this design (text free) so that you can use it in Word as a background, add your photo and overlay your text. I will be honest, I am not a Word expert at all, but I do know that some of you are and this is doable. I prepared the chalkboard Merry Christmas wreath designs for 5X7 cards, both horizontal and vertical, just like you see in the photo. A have also designed the coordinating Christmas envelope liners from the gift wrap in this seasons collection. I do have a little announcement regarding stationery, cards and all that good stuff. I am starting my Lia Griffith collection with Shutterfly in January and will be offering a full line of year-round stationery including Holiday & Christmas cards for the 2014 season! Very exciting for me. Cheers everyone! ~ Lia

HolidayCardClipartHorizontal HolidayCardClipartVertical HolidayEnvelopeLiners

Please note that the clip art is in a folder so to download you will need to set your browser to allow pop ups from my site.ChristmasCardButton EnvelopeLinerButton

  1. Oh how pretty! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  2. Your work is beautiful!
    Thank you so much for sharing it with us!!

  3. Hi Lia, just discovered your site and am really enjoying it. I have a question…your cute chalkboard printable…do you use chalkboard colored paper or does the printer make the chalkboard? Does it use an incredible amount of ink?

    • Hi Jami. The ink will not show if printed on dark paper, so the chalkboard is in the design. I do recommend that you use a laser printer for some of these since you pay per print rather than pay for the ink. You can print laser at FedEx Office or other office supply stores that offer that service.

  4. Beautiful as usual. Where do you get your A6 or A7 envelopes? I got some from Paper Source but their flaps are more angled than these. Thanks!

    • Yes, that is why I avoid these too, and you are limited to the colors they sell. One option is to print the full sheet wrap onto 8.5×11 and use an online template for the liners to match the V flap. At this point I find most of my square flap envelopes on Amazon or Etsy.

  5. Thank you and congratulations! I love Shutterfly and will enjoy seeing your products there.

  6. ello
    that cute designs, you can put them to name and print ….
    thanks for sharing

  7. Congratulations! And that is exciting news for us as well!

  8. As always I want to thank you for your generosity and sharing your incredible talent. I’m so glad I found your more than excellent blog. You truly inspire me. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and excellent health for the new year.

  9. Beautiful as always!! Congratulations on the Shutterfly collection, can’t wait to see it.

  10. Yay! That is exciting news! Congratulations! I am so happy for you and very excited to see your collection.
    Thanks so much for these great posts. I love making stuff and I am having a blast with all your posts. I am so grateful for you! I really appreciate you sharing all your creativity and for making it available to the world.
    I made some cookies over the weekend and packaged them in jars. I printed some of your fantastic Christmas labels and added red ribbon with gold trim and a recipe card. I regret not taking pictures. The recipients were thrilled. I also made some of those beautiful snowflakes. I used white metallic paper. I punched a hole at the top. I also printed a ribbon with name and year then strung both with a metallic silver string. I used them as part of gift wrap for my nieces and little sister. That way they’ll also have an ornament to remember this Christmas.

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