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Chevron Art from Dear Stella Fabric & a Stretched Canvas

Chevron Art with Dear Stella Fabric Dear Stella Fabric Piper Collection A few weeks ago I was invited to a challenge with 9 other DIY bloggers. I am always up for a challenge so I was in! The ladies from Kollabora invited us to work with Dear Stella fabrics to create something lovely using a fat quarter bundle of one of the Dear Stella fabric collections. For those of you non-quilters (like me) a fat quarter is made by cutting one yard of fabric quarters, but is half a yard long and half the width so you get a nice chunky piece. When my fat quarter bundle arrived in the mail I was delighted to see that I got the Piper collection as was gorgeous and inspiring with rich purples and oranges. It reminded me of a colorful fall which is my favorite time of year. I began to plan my project knowing I wanted to use all 15 fabrics in some way, so I decided to make wall art. I started with a 30X40 inch stretched canvas and trimmed 1.5 inch strips of the fabric and some creative math to make a pattern piece that would form a chevron across the entire canvas. The pieces where then attached to the canvas with Mod Podge and finished with a coat of the matte sealer over the top of each piece. For those of you who have not used Mod Podge since grade school, I highly recommend it. Too much fun! Below is the tutorial on how I created this colorful piece of art. Once I have a link, I will share on my Facebook page all of the projects created for this challenge. It will be fun to see all the creativity. I hope this inspires you to create something fun this weekend. Cheers! ~ Lia

Dear Stella Fabric Chevron Art Fabric Chevron Art Tutorial

  1. Hi Lia, this piece is awesome! I’ve kept this page open on my laptop for awhile now and now want to make it myself! Can I get the template emailed to me as well?

  2. Am i missing the template somewhere?

  3. Did you modge podge underneath and on top? (Sorry if being thick!)

  4. I love this idea and want to give it a try! You mentioned you would post the template but I’m not seeing it anywhere. Can you send it to me? Thank you!!!

  5. LOVE THIS!!! My grandddaugher’s name is Piper and of course everyone loves the CHEVRON design these days!!

  6. Lia, it’s beautiful! I am having surgery Thursday and looking for something to do during recovery, this is perfect! Is the template available ?


  7. I’m a quilter and just made a herringbone quilt for the first time, I’m loving this idea! I have so many scraps I’d love to make this from scraps. I’d love your template! Thank you!


  8. I just started learning to quilt. I am kind of obsessed! I would love a template if the pattern. I am not good with creative math…not the best thing when quilting. LOL

    • Sure I can share it with you. You will need to add seam allowance since I did not sew this piece, rather just mod podged it onto the canvas. I know. . . I am a cheater. haha

  9. I would have never thought about using Mod Podge on the fabric. I originally thought you had sewn the strips…like in quilting. Then I read on. I’m guessing the mod podge keeps the fabric from fraying. How clever!

    • It is a bit odd, right? And it looks great! The texture of the fabric still comes through and I used a matte finish so there is no odd shine.

  10. You are such a talented and creative person. I’ve loved seeing all the items you’ve made.

  11. Hi Lia,

    This looks fab, those colours and fabrics are gorgeous. the pattern reminds me more of a herringbone… it is still so gorgeous! I love those fabrics!!!

  12. Wooo, that looks so intense!
    Amazing job! :)

  13. That is just awesome! Well done!

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