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Cocktail Napkin Flower Garland

DIY Napkin Flower Decor This white tissue garland is a spin-off of the very popular cocktail napkin poinsettia I shared this last Christmas season. This is an even simpler version that when attached to ribbon to create a garland makes a gorgeous backdrop. I can see this garland used for bridal showers, baby showers or a photo backdrop for a dreamy event. I also made a smaller one to hand on the back of the guest of honor’s chair. Of course you can use any color of cocktail napkin to make your garland. Wouldn’t this look pretty in pale pink on a dark chalkboard wall? Just lovely! Follow my step-by-step tutorial below to make this easy winter white or spring party decoration. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Napkin Flower Garland Napkin Flower Garland Tutorial

  1. Pretty arrangement! Works with coffee filters too :)

  2. Love this idea. Thanks for sharing your talents.

  3. Que tipo de papel se necesita….

  4. I love those flowers, thanks for sharing! I really like your site :)

  5. Wow! This would be SOOOO gorgeous at a wedding! Also it must have taken you FOREVER! That means you really like us. :) Thanks for sharing!

    • Why yes I do really like you! haha. It was actually one of those projects I did at night in front of the TV. At least for making all the flowers.

  6. Oh!! que bonic, quedaria molt bé per una celebració com una boda o alguna cosa així no? sembla fàcil ho he de provar algun dia quan pugui.

    Thank you very much, i hope you are doing a beatiful things all 2014, i like very much to see amd to learn all art from you( i’m trying remember what i knew in english)jjajaja …I’m sorry if you don’t understand I know there is google translate,but i want try it……for my self , Ohhhh !!!!my vocabulary is short I forgot …uffff… jajajaja
    .I’m very sorry.
    ,Kisses = Petons

  7. I love this ‘curtain’ of flowers… so beautiful. I’ve just come across something called Iris paper folding… are you familiar with that Lia?

  8. LOOOOOVE! So easy, the tutorial is fabulous! Thank you for sharing!

  9. gorgeous!

  10. I love how simple and fresh looking this garland is! So pretty.

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