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DIY Gold Ombre Trees for Your Holiday Decorations

DIYPaperOmbreTrees Today I am going to share my ombre holiday trees. I am decorating my home this Christmas in golds, silvers and whites to create a woodland wonderland look and this is one of my projects. These trees are pretty simple to make and you may even use this as a family craft project. I love the touch of ombre, but you can certainly make them any style to match your home. I found the paper mache cones in three different sizes at Michaels. You can also order them on Amazon. I used two round punches, 1.5 inch for the larger tree and 1 inch for the smaller. I also made a tree from a star punch and the final and my favorite tree is made from a simple leaf shape that I cut free style. I think what makes these trees stand out is the curl of the paper, something that I do for most of my paper flowers. For these trees I used metallic paper from The colors are Champagne, Gold Leaf and Antique gold. I used a text weight but I think they will work with card stock as well. I have included the simple step-by-step directions for you to follow along. Cheers! ~ Lia

PaperOmbreTrees OmbreConeTrees OmbreTreeTutorial

  1. Thx very much for you3 answers. I made a small tree using fuse embossed pink paper. It looks dandy.if I could figure out how to upload it, I would! Question: how to finish the very top? I wasn’t happy with mine so I glued 3 different sizes of white pearls. How did you finish yours. Thx again. It is very encouraging to recieve a reply. Still loving your site!

  2. Have just recently discovered your blog, absolutely love it. It has been so helpful. My question is this. Could one use Styrofoam cones? Is there any problem using a hot glue gun to stick the leaves onto the Styrofoam cones?Also, can you possibly recommend a wet glue for general paper crafting. I have not had much luck so far. I want it to dry clear and not wrinkle or show through the paper. Thx for any help.

    • Hi Leslie and welcome! Yes you can absolutely use styrofoam cones and it works with hot glue. As for wet glue, I never use it I am addicted to my hot glue gun. I use a glue gun with Low temperature.

  3. Lia,
    I just received my beautiful paper from today and I am ready to make my Ombré Trees. All I need now is to know how long did you make the leaves on the trees? Also, are the leaves on the smaller trees as big as the leaves on the big tree? Do you happen to have a pattern?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Jane, The leaves are about 2-2 1/2 inches long depending on the length the cone you use.For the circles I used a 1 inch and a 2 inch round punch that I got at my local craft store. Have fun!

  4. omg lol laaaavvveee it you are gorge gorge


  5. So elegant ! Thanks for sharing ^^

  6. I have been saving the cones from the Peaches and Cream cotton yarn. I am going to try making some of your trees with those. I had made trees in the past using lace glued to the cone, but yours are simply elegant. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Liaaa!! They are so gorgeous! Love the shades transitioning from top to bottom.

  8. These have been my FAVE since the moment I saw them in your studio! Weren’t they something you submitted to a magazine?

    This year I’m going with something new for me…a winter village of small cardboard Christmas houses that I’m going to glitter and decorate + DIY snow globes and winter scenes in jars. These trees would look perfect intermingled, especially “flocked” with a bit of large flake pearl glitter. I can’t wait to see the whole house glow and shimmer at Christmas this year!

    Have a BLAST on your trip–so excited for you!

    Lisa :)

  9. Classic elegance! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  10. This is beautiful craft project. I can’t wait to make these. It is so simple to make your own cones out of poster board. Thank you for sharing!!

  11. Beautiful work Lia!!

  12. Oh Lia! Opening your blog is like Christmas for me every time! I absolutely love your style and the projects you share with your readers. Thank you!

  13. These are so exquisite Lia, I’m speechless. I have to find those papier mache cones, like idea of them much better than the styrofoam which has gotten so ridiculously expensive.
    I’ve had thought of doing mostly trees this year, ones I’ve made and even few I got at $tree, they’re actually kinda pretty. I also wanted silver/gold/white. It must be a trend this year, like the idea of the clean look. Don’t think we’ll have a bigger tree, most likely table height. I’ll use the small trees in other areas to supplement. I’m getting so the big thing of decorating so much is getting to me when it comes time to putting it away. Love putting things out but not putting away, what a mess, listening to hubs complaining isn’t a joy either, lol. He’s getting to be an old grinch, like he has so much to do it’s killing him to put things in shed.
    When are you/daughter going to Amsterdam?
    I envy you two so much, what a wonderful adventure. Happy Thanksgiving

    • Thanks! Another reader just suggested to make cones from poster board. This is a great idea. I head out on Sunday. I will be sharing photos on the Facebook page everyday and a few on the blog.

  14. So cute! I might make some with pearlescent colored papers for my baby girls room. Thanks for the great idea.

  15. These are gorgeous! I’m excited to try my hand at these and maybe a wreath in the same style.

  16. These are so adorable! I am doing a gold and white themed Christmas this year and these will fit in perfectly! Thanks!

  17. as always awesome and so classy…. any tips for making or finding the cones?

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